Have you ever been broken into?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Lenny., May 10, 2011.

  1. Have you ever been broken into/burgularized?

    Late last night, I was going downstairs into my kitchen. My front door (about 7 feet from where I was standing) blew open. I fuckin bolted out of there so fast. Turns out my door wasn't closed all the way and the wind blew it open. But it gave the illusion as if someone pushed it open. I was also high and thought it was the cops.

    Anyways, it kind of prompted me to think of what I would do if someone did break into my house.

    What would you all do?
  2. Yeah, bunch of dudes broke into me and stole my kidney. Worst day ever.

    On the real though same thing happened to me the other night. Scary shit!
  3. in high school, my photography course teacher MADE us put our purses into our lockers (with padlocks) and one day, i go to open my locker, and my purse is gone.

    i was in hysterics. i had 80 dollars in tips from work, my iPod, my cell, etc in there, all got taken.
    they found my purse empty in the girls bathroom.

    i was SO livid pissed. my purse is usually always within arms reach of me, so i hated putting it away like that.

    i guess the master combo list was stolen. my school of course blamed me for bringing anything of worth to school.

    ...and then it happened again!
    too long of a story, either way i lost again in the end.
  4. I don't know if this counts but someone stole the battery out of my car one time!! Yeah i know why the crap would someone want to steal my car battery???? It was parked in my driveway and I guess they took it when my boyfriend and I were asleep. He went out for a run at 5 and he said when he went outside the hood to my car was all the way propped open or whatever. And the weather strip on my window was fucked up like they were trying to get the door unlocked with something. I've always wondered if it was my neighbors who took it.

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