Have You Ever Been Betrayed/betrayed Anyone?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mikegunior7, Jun 4, 2013.

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    If so elaborate. Did you feel bad. Do you think he or she felt bad. Sometimes I think some people are really just born without a conscience.

  2. My best friend who I told with all the time horribly betrayed me. I guess I should've seen it coming. Initially, there were signs. He started to not talk as much or respond to me quick when I would talk to him. Then one time We went to McDonalds and I had to take a call. I gave him my cash for my meal, which was fries and a McDouble. I went in to find out he gave me a McChicken. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
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  3. When my ex cheated
  4. i think everyone betrays everyone one way or another in lfe.
    your gona get screwed.  alota times it is someone you know and trust
  5. I had an ex friend screw me over on weed. Said he'd help me sell it. Well wouldn't you know, he says that people owed him money for what I gave him to sell. Obviously it was a huge lie. Never spoke since. Didn't see that one comin.

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  6. i'd like to start this out by saying my roommate at my dorm freshman year was the chillest guy ever and i absolutely love him to death, but this is literally the one time i ever got annoyed at him (which is surprising given how much a lot of my other friends hated their roommates).
    at the beginning of freshman year, my roommate and i bought tickets to a concert that was supposed to be in october, planning to go together obviously. sadly, the show got postponed until march, which bummed the both of us out. when the time came for the concert, i assumed we would still be going together, since that was the original plan. instead, my roommate decided to go with a bunch of kids in his fraternity and some girls, while i went alone. thankfully, i found some girls that i knew at the concert so it didn't end up too horribly.
  7. I got cheated on pretty cruelly a few years back.  We had been together off and on for 6 yrs!  Living together for 3yrs and she decided to end the relationship, but instead of just being open about it and breaking up, the bitch was still living with me and swearing she wasn't out with another guy.   She'd say that but she would also make it obvious that she WAS out fucking around w/ him lol.  She made me play the role of the sucker, getting cheated on out in the open, but unable to do anything, bc she'd swear she wasn't...
    IDK if it makes sense to anyone but it was cruel as hell.  lol  She was still doing stuff with me like going camping with my mom and me lol.  Going to family picnics w/ my grandma, cousins, etc.  But all awhile fucking around w/ her old ex-bf, very obviously, but swearing otherwise.  Oh and not letting me get laid also lol.

    It still pisses me off and I still don't know what I'm supposed to really do lol.  Obviously part of me has always wanted to beat up the guy who she was fucking around with, since the guy knew me and I trusted him to hang out w/ my gf.  So part of me always felt almost obligated to fuck him up, but then part of me knows I CAN'T bc it would end real bad, one way or another...  
    Hard to come to peace with being disrespected so blatantly...

    To be clear I WON'T fuck him up; I was just saying that obviously PART of me always wanted to lol.  But I'm smart enough not to... 
  8. When my ex friend stole my I'd some weed an money from me when staying at my place.I became his Carma let's just say he don't have all his teeth any more an his nose to more the the left now .you fuck me over I fuck you up.
  9. Looks like you need to start proof reading your shit,

    Did you even typo your username? It looks like you were going for atmosphere
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  10. Guy I'd been friends with since primary (elementary) school stole $50 from my friend once after he gave him his credit card to buy him cigarettes. This ex-friend's response? "We all make mistakes". He'd stolen from his mum plenty of times before that so I was a bit harsher on my actual friend who gave him his credit card, knowing this.
    Fast forward a few months later. Spent the night at a mutual friend's house getting shitfaced. Morning arrives and I find all the food that I'd brought with me opened and little amounts taken (they weren't opened) and my half of a footlong subway that was in the fridge gone.
    I'm not a very tolerant person and haven't seen him since.
  11. Ya I have, I would rather not talk about it though.
    All these other stories are insightful.
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  12. My old bestfriend. Hung out with him DAILY for years. I told him I digged this girl but I didn't wanna make a move YET because she had just came out of an abusive relationship. The SAME DAY I see him trying to flirt with her and shit, desperately trying to get a kiss and she just wasn't having it. Ended up doing some things I regret to my knuckles, but I felt better afterwards, ya know?

    I betrayed him back a few months after. He was texting me daily asking for my forgiveness, so I said, "You know what, get some bud and we'll hang, I can't do it sober", so he brought some and brought it over. I asked to have a look, then put it in my pocket and said, "You try and take something of mine, I WILL take something of yours", then proceeded to tell him to get the hell out. I'm an asshole when someone crosses me.
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  13. Ex girlfriend cheated on me in high school. The irony of it was that I was in the perfect position to cheat (even though I would never, ever do that to a partner) getting fucked up at the beach while she was back home. Funny how that shit works out.

    My friend M hit my car. We didn't file a police report because we were young and stupid. So our dads talked it out and decided that it was all his fault (he was looking at his phone when he hit me), and that they should pay for the damage, a little over 2 grand in cosmetic repairs. Well, weeks went by without it being fixed and M got caught with weed by his parents. His dad read through his messages and found out I was smoking too. So he gave me the ultimatum of "I'll pay the entire cost and I'll tell your parents you smoke, or I don't tell them and we split it 50/50". Again, me being young and dumb, I was scared for my life if my parents found out, and looking back on it, I should have told him to fix my fucking car. Still hasn't been repaired to this day, poor girl. Still runs like a champ though.
  14. I'd love anyone to respond to my story above, about getting cheated on out in the open, by a girl I loved & lived w/...  But unable to respond bc she'd always swear she wasn't, that fucking bitch lol...
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    getting cheated on is the worse bro.this happen to me to.I hope you found a good women this time.
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  16. hard to give a' smart input' when no one knows what the fuck you're saying. seems to me like you're foreign. if not then it looks like you over looked the part where it says that you have to be over eighteen to join the city
  17. When I was 19 my ex (who was 24 at the time) cheated on me with a 17 year old. The reason he gave me still hurts me to think about today but it did help that she turned out to be immature (big surprise) and cheated on him with multiple guys and gave him chlamydia hahaha asswipe.
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  18. I've been betrayed never betrayed anyone.
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  19. stop being a push over, you know shes cheating leave. easy as that. let them fuck you over and theyll never stop fucking you over, grow a pair dude.
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    Grow a pair yourself; You just don't understand my post.  My ex-gf was swearing she wasn't cheating, and unfortunately, I somewhat believed her bc I did trust her for so many years.  
    And that situation does prevent u from responding properly, if the bitch still has some of ur trust, and she's abusing ur trust to make u believe her lies.  If u halfway believe her lies, then u can't react.  This is my whole point.    
    It's like the girl makes u schizophrenic; You're caught watching her give every sign of cheating, but she swears she's not, then she hangs out with u and ur mom and grandma etc.  I don't know if this helps u understand but my whole point was how abusing ur trust will fuck up ur head and prevent a proper reaction, bc ur confused as hell about what is really going on!  
    How do u react if u believe she's cheating maybe 55% sure, and then she swears u have to believe her that she's not, and she swears she loves u, and swears she's trying to work things out with u?  Your mind is split with two realities at the same time, and u can't know which way is right to respond.  
    It's a giant mindfuck, on purpose.  This is not even a normal cheating situation I described.  She made the cheating really visible on purpose, but also went thru all the fake motions of "working things out" w/ me.  It created the hugest confusion and I legitimately didn't know for sure what was real, and what was not real.  
    Anyways, yeah u just don't get my post.  lol  
    If I knew (with certainty) that she was cheating, then I would have reacted properly.  The whole point is that she manipulated me to halfway believe her so that it fucked up my head, confused the hell out of me, and I couldn't react without knowing WTF was really going on! lol  

    Really an atypical case of cheating, to make it visible on purpose, just as a mindfuck, just to be cruel.  And then still hanging with my grandma and mom, I can still barely believe it lol.  

    I think "sociopath" is a good word for her, at least when she was running the damn love triangle like that lol.  

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