Have You Ever Been Arrested For Possession?

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    I have been smoking about 5 years now and have never been caught or ever even came remotely

    close. All these "I got caught" threads are making me wonder how smart you guys are when your in

    possession of drugs.

    Answer option 4 if you have been arrested for possession of other drugs only or weed with intent to

    sell only.
  2. Im quite good at evading the police, when in possession of drugs.
  3. lmao.
  4. Nope, thank fuck dude. Had one close encounter and that was because our dumbasses smoked in a park. He pretended not to see the bong and saw that my record was clean and let us go.
  5. Arrested with a charge of possession of less than 32 grams...2 joints...that were not in my possession at all, they were in some other persons canoe (river ride thing). I hadn't even smoked that day and had pulled to the river bank to have some beers with some females we saw (chasing booty)...:mad:

    Was a tourist trap town in the Ozarks. The charges never showed up on my record, anywhere.
  6. dude.
    shit happens at unexpected times.
    ive been close but have never been raped by the law.

    i got pulled over yesterday and had a bubbler under my seat and weed. i was high and the car stinked like bud but somehow he didint smell it.
  7. nope .. after almost 3 decades... and I'm legal now so that chance has passed... and I dont push it.
  8. lots of times close. once i got caught. read the thread "The Thankful Contortionist" from like 4 yrs ago........ive smoked inside raymond james tampa the rave milwaukee soilder field tropicana field ive smoked in several jails and prisons ive smoked on the coutry clubs fairways while playin with a judge...(he was on the other side of fairway looking for ball) ive smoked in a line for a bathroom at a monster truck rally. (that was funny cause all these square hicks in dubuque iowa were all like "whos smokin the funny stuff" and im right there....) you gotta have a smoke lit to get away with public smoking. so i got caught once because my pipe had resin in it and i got arrested for putting hot sauce in my maths teachers coffee. pipe was in locker. DC for the hot sauce......they call that teacher "Franks" now.....legendary prank
  9. Ya, had something like that back in HS, ancient times for me...

    A freind and I were walking around the block by the school, we both had a joint going, and the cops pulled up to us and asked where we were going...we cuffed the j's and said we were just having a smoke before classes started. They told us we had 15 minutes and don't be late, then drove off...we reeked of herb!

    The one time I get busted I wasn't doing anything illegal....but all the times I was token, I got away with it (karma thing?):smoking:
  10. When i was young(18-19) I am 32 now. Havent been in trouble since, i learned what my constitutional rights are, VERY hard to arrest you if you know your rights. Trouble is(as the OP hinted too) most ppl just hand the stuff over because the cop is cool. Lol, hes taking you to jail, and gonna use the evidence you just gave to seal the deal w/ the conviction in court. And we are trying to be friendly with this guy? Ppl say, well if im a dick then he is gonna be a dick too, lol, what do you think taking you to jail and convicting you in court is not being a dick?lol

    2 misdemeanor possesions, 2 misdemeanor paraphenalia, 1 felony possesion, and 1 felony possesion with intent. Also some felony weapons charges, but those are a separate matter from this hread, lol. The 2 felony marijuana were at the same time and both were dropped when court time came...
  11. Same thing that happened to me the first time I got arrested for stealing CVS brand cough gels.
    The cop seemed nice, he was like like so what where you going to do with them--> take them--> what do they do?--> Well, they can make you hallucinate if you take enough--> disgusting.(wtf lol) Next thing I know a judge is reading the arrest report(or novel, whichever way you want to look at it) and he's like and you said wanted to take them to hallucinate..wtf..and I never even said that.
    He just asked me if I knew my rights, I was 16, I said yes, forgetting the "anything you say or do can and WILL be used against you in court."
    Dick. They act all nice so you will incriminate yourself. I fell right in his trap. The sad thing is that I was waiting on him to get to the CVS for like 20 minutes and my house about 2 minutes away...The stupid bitch called someone and asked what to do, call the cops, string this fucker up.
  12. Possession of drug paraphernalia, almost exactly two years ago.
  13. Got caught on a intent charge a few years back, but due to some legal mumbojumbo it got dropped down to a possession. Gotta love freedom.
  14. I got arrested once, because I was with a couple of complete idiots. I guess that one was my fault.
    the second time, I got hit by a car, broke my ankle and the cop searched my bag while I was going into shock. he never informed me of the search, and found less than 2 grams and my pipe, and he's pressing charges for that. what a fucking douche
  15. Yea... Was wasted and ran away, when i shouldn't have!! alcohol will make you do some stupid stuff. Chased me down, had like 3 grams in my pocket. So....yea, i am getting through it though. I learned my lesson which is the most important thing i suppose.
  16. The law enforcement and legal system here are so corrupt.
    They get paid to arrest all the drug users/dealers all this money that the government allots for the incinerator. It does absolutely nothing! It literally makes me want to cry. Because I will probably never see marijuana legal. This is supposed to be a democracy. Land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy. (music reference what is it?)
  17. My stupid-ass got busted 4 or 5 times. But it's gonna take more than me getting busted for me to stop smoking bud.

    That shit should be legal and the government(s) should be utterly ashamed of themselves for fucking up peoples' lives because they want to smoke weed. But Alcohol is legal! WHAT THE FUCK PLANET AM I ON?!

    ^^^ And I'm totally aware of what I just typed up there. Smoking weed is by no means a bad thing. It's literally my medication, and because I got caught so many times self-medicating, my whole legal status is fucked.

    Good luck for me finding a fucking job.


    /fucking rant

  18. arrested once about 5 yrs ago... It was soo gay... Was trying 2 have a relaxing evening w/ friends.. Unfortunatly everyone ran outta cigarettes @ once and we all (4 of us) decided 2 go 2 the gas station 4 more.. Get 2 store, go in, get smks, come out & there's a county sheriff parked behind me! Try 2 get in z car and nonshalauntly drive away & the pig starts screaming @ me; " hey!! where do u think ur goin!?!.." Starts talking about how we can do this the easy way or the hard way... blah, blah, blah... jus tell me where the pot is I can smell it.. dont lie 2 me, blah, blah, blah... u know how they r.. So the fucker asks if he can search.. of course I say fuck no!! Does anyway siting probable cause cause he can smell pot... blah, blah, blah... So, long story short, me & friend get 2 spend night in jail cuz I had 2 roaches in my ash tray( I can't believe I left those in there!!!) & friend had 2 adderall in his wallet.. O yeah, & I got to b on probation 4 a year & pay a whole bunch of awesome legal fees... All in all, I jus can't believe soooo much time & energy get's spent on such a harmless plant!! These laws HAVE 2 change!!!
  19. You got the fucked in the ass by the police for two roaches. This shit is criminal.
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    haha similar thing happened when i was in a mates car,
    we got pulled over for some reason or other
    ...there was 3 of us, me and 2 lads each with about a 8th each in out pockets and a shotty bottle in the cupholder between the 2 front seats, the car absolutely stunk of weed BAD.
    i still have no idea to this day how they never spotted the well used shotty bottle in the cup holder or noticed the smell, i even wonder sometimes did they see it and just not care ahahaa.
    other occasions ive sat and rolled a joint right infront of pig and they never even noticed or cared hahaa, another time i came home absolutely drunk out of my mind, and police were there about violence, i asked the cop for a fag but he said he 'couldnt help me seen as he'd quite 2 weeks ago' then i said "fuck it i have a joint already rolled, much better" he laughed, left the room, then i smoked my joint and passed out on the floor against my bed hahahhaa :D
    i guess cops generally dont care about it round here as long as its for personal use and you keep it to yourself and arnt bothering anyone.
    worst case ive ever herd of thats happened to anyone i no a mate got caught up and arrested for attempted robbery, he had a tennas worth on him, all they did was confisgate it and make him go to ONE counselling session haha :smoking:

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