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Have you ever actually smoked a cigarello?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Young Buckets, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. I'm sure many of us have rolled many blunts using cigarellos or other cigars, but I was wondering if anyone has actually ever smoked a cigarella itself? I noticed that I've been just throwing all that tobacco away and I was wondering if it was worth saving and maybe smoking in my pipe if I don't feel like smoking the herb.

  2. [​IMG]
    swisher guts are gross..
  3. I've left half and mixed half weed before. The tobacco isn't that high of quality 90% of the time I toss it.

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  4. Yeah, they're pretty gross, and the fact that you're not even supposed to inhale them makes the whole thing seem pointless to me. 
  5. if you consider "black n mild" pretty gross than yes. I smoke em daily, I think their a good smoke after a blunt.
  6. fuck that cancer bullshit. doesnt help your body why use it. go ahead though, more power to ya
  7. My friend smokes cigars all the time. I only smoke occasionally, like once a month (only cigars, not cigarettes)
    People smoke them mostly for the taste and the buzz. A cigarillo is like a small cigar. It's not worth it, just get a normal cigar lol. You don't inhale, you keep it in your mouth and the nicotine is still absorbed. It relaxes you and makes you focused and clears your mind. You can still get mouth cancer though, even if you're not getting lung cancer, and it's still potentially addictive, but not as bad as cigarettes which you do inhale.
  8. I used to enjoy them and other tobacco products before I started smoking herb. Before I cared about my health I smoked cigarettes, rillos, cigars, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco... I probably had a period where I did each but never really enjoyed any of it except dipping, which is of course the most disgusting. 
    I'll smoke tobacco occasionally but generally it makes me sick and cough like a motherfucker when I don't even flinch from taking dabs. I grew up in a household where people smoked cigarettes indoors so I'm sure that had some sort of adverse affect on my respiratory health, however I just came back inside from powering through a decent sized bowl which took me maybe 2 minutes and 4 hits to smoke. I guess all the extra tar and shit is what fucks with me cause I gag like a Thai hooker a lot of times when I smoke blunts, but not so much j's (since they're made from hemp?). Just give me some wacky tobacky and something clean to smoke out of and I'm good.
  9. No. If I want tobacco I smoke a cigarette. The guts can't taste any good I wouldn't think
  10. They are harsh as fuck. I just save mine in a quart zip lock bag and when the shit get full I take it to this old homeless dude that hangs at the kangaroo up the road. I usually give him a bag every 2 weeks or so and he said he can probably roll like 5 packs of smokes out a bag

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  11. Don't smoke that nasty shit man..that's the old stale tobacco that isn't good enough to be put into cigarettes.
    They probably sweep it off the floor of tobacco factories and put it in cigarellos lol
  12. I don't smoke blunts even so i don't consider smoking the tobacco. But out of all the people i have ever seen roll blunts they always throw the tobacco inside away. Giving it to homeless isn't a bad idea though. For them it is better than nothing probably.
  13. I've totally smoked them.  Probably less than 20 rillos in my life smoked purely for the tobacco and flavor.  I've even split them and used the tobacco in spliffs and choppers.
  14. yeah only when my friends and I have one left from a blunt pack
    and no greenery. You only get the taste from the end mouth piece of the cigar. Cigarillos are just made to be split open and rolled
  15. i dont like them for a few reasons:
    it looks like a real cigar all it is paper made to look like a tabbacco leaf (deception)
    its stronger than cigarette tabbacco, its not treated its formented leaves,
    is not an atual cigarllo just a fancy cigerette a real cigarello is a mini cigar with actual leaves, the taste is completely different i do like primetime grape flavor though
  16. I smoked a cherry Colt once and it was gross. Cigars or bust.
  17. Yeah its not good for your lungs ok, smoking weed with no filter isn't really the healthiest choice in the first place though... but imo yes the cigarello is a great smoke its nice and smooth give it  a try
  18. Cigarello's taste gross.

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