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Have you drank the bong water?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by vertiN, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Have you drank the bong water? Stories?
  2. Hell No! That shits nasty!
  3. I drunk some one time. I had Cleaned my bong and bowl then added cold ice water. Tasted nutty.
  4. In one of my sadder moments, I lost a bet and had to use warm Coors light as my bong water, and then drink it after......

    Suffice to say that night did not end up well
  5. wow that sounds shitty
  6. That's gross dude. I clean mine after each use, partly because I can't stand the smell. There's no way I could drink it without puking all over!

  7. Everything about that sounds brutal.

    Using warm beer as the liquid in a bong is brutal enough as it is...but to have to drink it on top afterwards...OUCH
  8. I don't know a single seasoned toker who would admit it even if they had. This smacks of a thread that should have gone in the Apprentice section ;)


  9. It's already been established that you don't know what a seasoned toker is.... I drink bong water for breakfast. :D:p

    (i'm just kidding... that's fucking gross)
  10. LOL.

    A college roomate of mine once poured bong water into a pot of boiling spaghetti. I almost killed him.
  11. ouch to those who said yes. i convinced a friend to drink the water though, only after like 2 bowls so it wasnt that nasty
  12. I was walking around before with a homemade bong with no stem in it about ready to put it in and light up, then I saw someone who lived in our house walking towards me, it was brown as fuck and already been used like 6 times and it had holes burnt into it, I had to take a few sips as I passed him so he wouldn't suspect anything. I think he knew what was up though, I had to cover the disgusted look in my face as I drank that shit
  13. hahahahhahahhahhahahahhahahahha that sounds sick
  14. For the love of fuck; NO!
  15. Thats god damn terrible
  16. I've caught a little splashing from over filled pieces, but no, I've never actually taken a drink of bong water.
  17. No, and i dont think i could bring myself to do it. i mean the smell is bad enough to me haha
  18. so one of my buddies has this bong..and he hasent changed the water in months and smokes on it a couple times a week..he's eventually going to pay me some ridiculous amount of money to drink his bong water...At the moment it is an orange/yellow colour. =/

    wish me luck.
  19. I sipped a bit once when i filled it up and it was too much water i didnt have anywhere to pout it out, so i took one for the team, it had only been hit once and barely.i clean my piece after every use (its glass) so it really didnt taste like anything.
  20. there was this one time i was takin a rip from my bongo and was in the middle of a good hit. While i was still pullin it a good amount of water splashed up and hit my tongue but i couldn't back out cause i had to take the hit. So i let it sit in my mouth and finish the hit. Sucked, tasted horrible, but i didnt get sick at least.

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