Have you done/Would you try PCP?

Discussion in 'General' started by Aconites, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. I'm nervous of wether or not to try some or not. I'll probably just get some weed but I was thinking of blazing some dust. Anyone here tried it?
  2. Nope and I might try it.

    Never really been offered PCP.
  3. Children of Bodom is sick dude.
  4. even if i wanted to i have NO idea where i would cop come PCP. but remember there is no such thing as a bad drug only bad decisions.
  5. i been lookin; all over for it and found one guy it's shady though
  6. I'd probably try it after some hesitation, I've heard some pretty scary stories involving that stuff.
  7. Ive snorted speed.
  8. Hell yes, I'll be seeing them in the Unholy Alliance tour with Slayer/Lamb of God/Mastodon. Yay for me.

    But for PCP, I'd have to do some more research about it because I don't know too much about it.
  9. dude if you can get dust you need to like mail that shit to me n i'll pay you haha i've only got to try that shit once and it was fuckin awesome, its like impossible to find around here
  10. i'm pretty sure that if i did pcp i would end up on a video like rodney king. that's why i want to do it so much.
  11. no but me and my friend are dying to get some to sprinkle on a blunt. that and some coke on a blunt. would both coke and pcp be overkill to lace to a blunt simultaneously?
  12. I've heard of guys cutting their own dicks off on PCP, I wouldn't touch it.
    Hell, I've seen a pic set of a guy cutting off his own dick on PCP.
  13. Dawg, Out here i can get both ice n speed. (Smokeable n snortable.)
  14. fuck no. i mean FUCK NO...
  15. not worth it.
  16. Hell no homes.
  17. maybe if i was having a stroke and couldnt score some MK 801 but, gonna have to pass, good luck man
  18. "I didn't know you liked to get wet, Dave!"


    "That's PCP, *****!"

    p.s. - I thought "ice" was methamphetamine.
  19. havent tried it, but I definantly would

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