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Have yall ever got panic attack while smoking too much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EssOhh, May 3, 2011.

  1. shhiiit idk where to start lol..
    i was smoking for the first time like 6 months ago.. nothing really hard just a few puffs every now and then.. i just felt really funny and idk it was relaxing but one day i said fuck it ima smoke a whole joint for the firsttime and this was my 6th day smoking and i fucking went apeshit idk wtf happened firstthing im chilling and i cant stop coughing and everything went slowmotion and i start mindracing and i thought i was gonna die shit was scary. i couldnt even control my thoughts after a while. i was just thinking too much everything seemed too realistic for no reason.. idk man but i wanna know was this the weed or did i just panic for no reason? also i never had a panic attack before till that day i never even knew wtf anxiety was lol. btw will this happen again cause i been wanting to smoke again and im kinda self concious about doing it cause i dont wanna get a huge panic attack again any help?
  2. Thats just the weed man. Doesnt even sound like you had a full on panic attack really. Perhaps a lot of anxiety tho. A REAL one, you feel like you are going to die for no reason what so ever. Heart racing, feeling like its going to blow up. Cant catch your breath. Sometimes even the shakes. For me personaly weed actually helps prevent one. Sure, I might have a little bout of paranoia, but nothing like thinking im about to die.

    Good thing to keep in mind when on any mind altering substance is that if you start to freak a little just say to yourself "I have mind altering drugs in me, everything will be good, they are just distorting my reality." Has helped me a ton on much stronger things then MJ.
  3. same sort of thing happened to me before...i flipped the fuck out

    just take it need to smoke more than you feel comfortable with...the way i see it is you should be comfortable before, during, and after blazing
  4. don't worry about it, happens to most people atleast once haha. just yesterday i blazed 2 huge joints with my buddy after a bit of a break and i was ripppppped, body numb head buzzing like crazy heart pounding. the important thing is to just ride it out and enjoy it, it'll wear off eventually. if you start panicking it can get more intense so just try and focus on something else :smoke:
  5. haha yeahh exactly i was flipping out rofl my body was numb and shaking which made everything worst ima take it easy and take a puff now and then just so i can get use to itt
  6. You all*

    And nope. I've been on meds for anxiety but smoking has never triggered it.
  7. Yeah, but only around people I don't know that well.

    As soon as someone turned around and talked to someone else I felt like they were talking about me, cold sweat dripping down my back, extremely conscious of every moment I made, not knowing where to look.

    Luckily I never get it anymore.
  8. yeah lmao, i've been tokin daily for like a year now but for some reason in the last month or so my tolerance has just randomly gotten crazy low so i've had to start smoking a bit less too haha or i just get too high :smoke:

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