have U noticed how sometimes, 60s is loooooong ? ..

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Gri77oN, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. I usually opent two or three threads at a time (using tabs in mozilla) so I end up sometime on the page that says "no more than one post/60s" (or whatever).

    It's ok becoz I can press back, and still have not lost my post (whch would get me mad), but i end up having to wait wayyy over 60s..

    is that becoz I'm over the transatlantic connexion? I wonder.. (assuming the server is physicaly somwhere in us)

    anyway, sometime 60s is realllly loooong !!
  2. I've never noticed a problem with in in IE. It's interesting to me. I have Mozilla loaded up on one of my test boxes at work, I'll check it out on Monday and see if I have a problem with it while tabbing.
  3. I may have miss explained myself.

    because I browse several threads at the same time (be it through tabs or different windows a la IE) I end up sometime effectively postin twice in the same 60s window.
    wha I then do is I hit back wait a little, then hit post, and most of the time I have to do that over and over for more then 60s.
    but since it's the server that redirects me to the "not just yet" page, I assume it's server side.
    Since the server is runnin on redhat, I assume it's not serverside but rather something with timestams on packets..

    which is weird since I have quite stable ping stats..

    anyway, maybe it's due to this amusing fact:
    the elasticity of time exponentialy increases when going high.

    (ooooo that's deep !)

    (ps I'm runnin mozilla 1.5a / w2kSP3 blasterpatched)

    (pps: i think I remember I wanted to put that in the box, but maye it woz meant to be here..)

  4. You didn't miss explain yourself. I only browse with one window in IE, not multiple. I get stoned and too mixed up. I've just started using tab browsing in mozilla at work because I find it less of a hassle than having to open multiple windows all the time.

    Logic says that since you have stable pings, it shouldn't be a packet issue.
  5. I came to the same conclusion.
    so that leaves one option doesn't it? ..


  6. I think t he vbulletin software is not designed to browse wso many threads at once, I don;t know realy, the server is located in the netherlands with a 3mbit connection burstabel to 100Mb/s. your being in france the server should be superfast for you!



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