have u guys ever had the feeling...

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  1. that ur grow wasnt progressing like you thought it would, or what everyone else says theres has progressed to. My seedlings were planted on may 5, about two weeks ago, and most of them have just formed their first set of true leaves. they have the beginner leaves and now one set of true leaves. I look at other peoples grows online at two weeks and they seem to have like 2 or three sets of true leaves. For some reason, i keep getting the feeling im doing something wrong. I guess i should always be optomistic, my girlfriend tells me that all the time wen i get upset about them or their growth rate, lol its weird. I feel like they are my children. maybe all strains just mature at different times, or maybe pictures on here are misleading to my eye, i dont know. i think some of the pics were from indoor, so maybe that had an effect on how quickly they grow. Illl tell u one thing though, i will be SOOOO proud of myself in september if, and when, i do get some bud to harvest. i have def. worked for it lol.
  2. Did you put your own soil down or just throw some seeds in the ground?
  3. yea indoor grows can have faster vegetive growth because the light can be managed. indoors you can give a plant 24 hours of light which will accelerate growth compared to outside where you can have from 6 - 14 hours of dierect sunlight depending on your location.

    still the worry is there, 2 week old plants should have grown or at least started growing their second set of true leaves.

    what is your setup like? where in the world are you growing? you COULD possibly be doing something wrong.

    my eldest seedling is 11 days old and it is forming its second set of leaves nicely. i will post pictures later if possible
  4. im growing outside. i have about 15 individual plants mostly in buckets, like 2 in the ground and a few still in little red cups waiting to be transplanted. I dug a nice big, like 3' by 3' by 3' deep whole and filled it with some humus, perlite, pheat moss and scotts garden soil. The buckets are filled with some perlite, regular potting mix for containers and some peat moss. the buckets are 5 gallon. i might think of transplanting the ones in the buckets to the ground once i sex them (if they will live that long) I grow in Baltimore, MD USA. i have had a few problems with rodents tipping over my buckets, but with some soap, garlic and pepper spray i think i might have stopped that, hopefully. Little f#uc#ers knocked over 4 of my buckets lol. i wish i could sit out there with my bow. but yea that is my set up. I think i should buy a ph test kit. it is my frirst grow and i have read 2 books, talked with good number of people and read online. I mean they are growing, i just thought they would be a little more along. they look healthy (but im no expert), they are leaning alittle but i propped um up and most of them seem to be standing straight up. I just transplanted some of them from little red cups into the buckets and 2 in the ground. The rest of the bucket plants i started there as seeds. what could i be doing wrong? I try to keep the pots moist for the first month (is what i heard), i water when the soil an inch or so deep is dry. they should be getting enough sun. maybe transplanting slowed them up a little, i dont know. pics of ur outdoor 2 week year olds would be PERFECT, if u can get them on here. thanks alot
  5. my seeds are some bagseed i got from my weed, and then some feminized maroc, shamon, purple # 1 and purple power, and some sage. Unfortunately, they got mixed up so i dont know what "fire" is what strain, so i just have them seperated into two groups - the fire and the bagseed. thought this might help a litte....
  6. well thats got me thinking!

    doesnt sound like your doing anything wrong. the only possible expainations are maybe stress after transplanting and also keeping the soil moist, dont keep it too moist, the roots need to get oxygen and can only get this when soil is dry.

    the bagseed may grow at a lesser rate to the rest due to inferior quality, although i am using bagseed myself.
  7. ahh, yeah, definitely had that feeling. try not to worry about it, man. some people just have quicker growth due to tons of various reasons. as long as your plants are growing steadily, don't be down about it. it might take a while, but it will be worth it in the end. just try to keep them healthy now. i've had 435928359 problems so far, but giving up or getting hopeless is not an option after putting in a certain amount of $ into the project. your babies are probably doing most of their growing in the soil right now forming a strong root system. on mine it seems they are really starting to grow quick once they hit about the 4th or 5th node. so just keep them healthy and growing and once they're a bit older they will start growing more quickly than they are now. a slow start might be annoying (i know it has been for me), but even if it takes you twice as long to get your plants the same size as someone's elses, you'll be happy in the end. good luck. :)
  8. these were taken today at 2 weeks old

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  9. ^ yup, those above are pretty much the same size as my 2 week old PPP seedling.
  10. Very soon, when the 5 fingered leaves appear, they will explode into growth.

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