have u ever watched a movie that wasnt suppose to be funny but turned out to be funny

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  1. Let me explain.

    the first time we tried dope we went in the basement. we as in me, my boyfriend, his friend, and his girlfriend (we'll call them mike and jackie). jackie and i werent high but they were. after we smoked we went in the basement and watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. my boyfriend and mike laughed soooooo hard in the begining of the movie when they were showing the chocolate. like the scene where they were pouring chocolate and making chocolate kisses. yeah, they laughed their fucking asses off.

    has that happened to you?
  2. I guess...but don't call marijuana dope, dope is for hard shit like coke or heroine.
  3. I kind of get what you mean. One time i got high and watched one of those dating shows on mtv and i couldnt stop laughing.
  4. haha...yeah i did feel a bit stupid about calling it dope. i dont even call it that when i say it out loud.
  5. Call it whatever you want, it's simply a substance and there's n need to feel sorry for using the term "dope". don't worry about it and i don't see why the kid above did.
  6. thank you? :)
  7. yeah, i agree with you, everyone calls weed a different name at different places.

    i call it "DIE UNANSTändigkeit" :smoking:
  8. I have, The Happening was so bad it was hilarious.
  9. Saving private ryan "Damn! that mother fucker just got shot!!"
  10. In V for Vendetta when the news report said that the one polotician "Died in a fire" i fucking lost it. also i laughed all the way through Hostle 2, yes occording to my 12th grade Teacher i have a sick mind lol
  11. Reefer madness was one of the funniest movies I've ever watched. It's an anti-weed propaganda movie from the 30's that I believe was funded by a church group to educate parents about the dangers of 'marihuana'
  12. jeepers creepers 2... i laughed my ass off watching that shit.
  13. oh ya. this happens to me all the time.

    ill name a few movies i found hilarious

    -forest gump
    -edward scissors hands (weird fucken movie)
    -a walk to remember ( i went over to my girlfriends house and watched it high..made it much better)
    -finding nemo

    i think if you get high enough any movie can be funny.

  14. I was so high when I watched that movie the chocolate scene gave me a boner.
  15. see also Mystery Science Theater 3000 and rifftrax.com/
  16. The Grudge 2 was freaking HILARIOUS.
  17. Yeah, like the other night when I went to go see Drag Me to Hell

  18. i was so sad when they stopped making this show. i still spend hours watching it on the internet.

    and Shoot 'Em Up was so bad i dont even know how to express it in words.
  19. when i saw the thread title i thought you were talking about Drag Me To Hell xD

    that shit wasss goooooood :smoking:
  20. everytime i turn on the tv and watch baseball

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