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Have to tell my Mum.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Heroes, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. As far as he is aware you don't smoke, he has no evidence, just deny it, don't tell your parents. Trust me.

    Even if you owned up to it previously just deny it from this point onwards.
  2. just make sure you tell you mom I said hi, that will make her feel special. Also, call that principals bluff.
  3. principal needs a warrant to DT an adult (18+) even in a public school. With nothing but the comments of a persons HEARSAY to go on, they have no basis for a warrant.

    call the bluff and keep denying.
  4. Deny till you die
  5. [quote name='"Heroes"']I'm 18, and in year 12. It's a long story so I'll shorten it to my school found out, principal spoke to me, wants to have a meeting about it on Monday. I don't know why they're concerned with what I do in my own time, but they're nosey as fuck and apparently are. Basically I have the weekend to tell my Mum I've smoked before/I do smoke. I'm thinking I'm going to go with the former as it'll sorta soften the blow a bit, I don't exactly know what her standpoint is but I know she's given in to the propaganda of the media and now has this belief that it's the worst thing you can put into your body. I'm not complaining about getting caught, I smoked weed, I got caught, now I have to deal with the consequences, I'm prepared to do so.

    I'm here for advice, I need to know what to tell her... How do I explain this to her without her completely flipping it at me? Sometimes she is completely unreasonable and I doubt sitting down and having a civilized conversation about it is an option. Help please?[/quote]

    You sound like the guy who got caught at our Tolo dance, sucks bro. I haven't read any responses so what I would suggest you do is research the herb and its medical properties, search for a good reason (not one that only makes sense to you, but also to your mom) you smoke, and I would suggest stop smoking until you have your own place. Good luck bro :smoke:
  6. Deny
    nuff said
  7. The Union: The business behind getting high.

  8. Not exactly true. OP is still in school. It is highly likely that during the admission process of a school, you sign many forms that allows them to drug test you if they want to. This is how many schools get away with drug testing.

  9. I know in the U.S., public schools have no blanket authority to drug test students unless they have the expressed permission from the student (if over 18) or a parental guardian. The Supreme Court did rule that schools could drug test students if they participate in an extracurricular activity - but the drug test pertains only to that extracurricular activity. If the school used this to attempt to perform a DT on the OP, the OP could simply stop attending extracurricular activities and then the school would have no right to perform a DT. Even if the OP did take the DT and failed, he could only be removed from the extracurricular activities, and not the school itself. Of course, this would still suck because his mom would obviously find out.

    In private schools it is often different and I am unaware if the Supreme Court ruling affects them as well - I believe it may because it's more of a rights issue than a "whether or not you pay tuition to go to school" kinda thing. I think it would be easy for the OP to refuse to take the DT, even if he did sign a contract stating that the school could DT him. This probably wouldn't stand up in court, and there's no real way for the school to force him to take a DT other than court order (or threatening expulsion). But of course, that's getting a little dramatic :)

    And I don't think the OP is in the U.S. (he uses "Mum" but also uses "Principal" so I'm not sure) - but laws are very similar in the U.K.
  10. Dude deny everything... My principle did that to me and I just paid off a $200 ticket, and I'm going to an alternative learning center for 30-45 days. I only had a blunt of reggie too. When he asks if you have something to say just say,"Why am I being here, I was not caught doing anything wrong and have no illegal charges or posessions.":cool::cool:

    P.S. You should really have your mom watch 'The Union: Bussiness Behind Getting High' like the other guy says. but only if she finds out. It's a great documentary.:smoke:
  11. If one more person says "The Union" I will invent a machine that lets me uppercut you through the internet, and I'll fucking do it.

    How the fuck to do you think pro-pot propaganda will change the mind of someone who is anti-pot, and has been for the majority of their life.
  12. Oké, so the weekend is over. What did you tell your mom!

  13. what?? the weekend hasn't even begun...
  14. You could say you only did it once and blame it on somr kid or rapper ot movir?

  15. This is false..... the only way schools get away with DTing their students is their students are oblivious to their rights, and choose to allow the schools to make them think they HAVE to take the test.

    Do your research, and know your rights. (not you specifically...)
  16. Tell your mom the school suspects you of smoking but it's all lies. Tell her
    " I would never put anything that harmful into my body and you know I wouldn't"
    Then if she asks why you won't take the drug test tell her you took a prescription pain pill for back pain and don't want to get in trouble for that. Hope everything works out man
  17. Drug tests tell you which specific drugs are in your body.... this wouldn't work.

    And his mom, who is apparently concerned about MJ usuage, would most likely not be cool with her son saying "Ya I just popped a PK cuz my back hurt a bit...."
  18. OP If your school "found out" then I'd say you were either
    a: Smoking AT school
    b: Smoking BEFORE school and high AT school.
    If I'm wrong, well then you should be able to simply deny it.
    ...I draw those conclusions because if someone simply snitched you for what happened outside of school, they couldn't really act on hearsay.
    See? So don't do that.

    That, I think is going to be your major problem with approaching it with your mother, the fact that you had weed, in or around school and now they're aware of it.
    It's going to be embarrassing for her, and there's probably at least one teacher or staff member there that's an ignorant twat and going to imply that she's a bad parent because of she'll have to wear that, because you weren't a bit more discreet about your activities.

    Honestly, I sometimes wonder if the main problem "normal" parents have with weed is the lack of self control and awareness of situation their children have.
    You need to have commonsense about this man, not to be a dick, but you really should think about this next time you blaze up...because this isn't just about telling your mother you smoke weed, it's about you telling her that, and the bullshit to follow.

    All I can add to that, is to tell her sooner than later - to allow her time to prepare.
    This is NOT the time to start trying to convince her about how responsibly you use it though, because from the sound of it that ship has sailed.
    Although you may want to throw in somewhere that this has illustrated the need to better consider your decisions in the future.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.

  19. I dunno man, I wouldn't of put it past my school to slip consent to drug tests into the terms and conditions.

  20. That wouldn't hold up in court though, so it doesn't really matter :)

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