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Have to tell my Mum.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Heroes, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I'm 18, and in year 12. It's a long story so I'll shorten it to my school found out, principal spoke to me, wants to have a meeting about it on Monday. I don't know why they're concerned with what I do in my own time, but they're nosey as fuck and apparently are. Basically I have the weekend to tell my Mum I've smoked before/I do smoke. I'm thinking I'm going to go with the former as it'll sorta soften the blow a bit, I don't exactly know what her standpoint is but I know she's given in to the propaganda of the media and now has this belief that it's the worst thing you can put into your body. I'm not complaining about getting caught, I smoked weed, I got caught, now I have to deal with the consequences, I'm prepared to do so.

    I'm here for advice, I need to know what to tell her... How do I explain this to her without her completely flipping it at me? Sometimes she is completely unreasonable and I doubt sitting down and having a civilized conversation about it is an option. Help please?
  2. If she isn't going to listen to rational explanations then you may have a bit of trouble conveying your point to her.

    One question, you say you don't understand why the school is concerned about what you do in your own time, yet later on you say you got caught? Exactly what happened?
  3. Just tell her then stay out of her way. give her some website links. Then pretend like everything is normal. Don't insist on arguing that its not bad, she probably wont care or believe you.

    its not the best advice ever but hope it helps man

  4. It's going to be difficult for sure. :|

    Basically, my principal was informed by another parent/students that I've been smoking. Called me into his office, asked what he'd find if he searched my bag. I told him nothing because I didn't have anything on me (never have or will at school, that's asking for trouble), he continued to go on about me smoking or whatever and how he's going to tell my Mum or I am.
  5. Make sure you record it and post it on here. :p

  6. You can technically just deny everything if they really have no proof and you weren't smoking at school. This would be the smart if you truly think that nothing you say will get through to your mom.
  7. dude, deny that shit. if they didn't find anything or find you smoking they have NO right to force you to "confess" to anything. some random kids bitch ass mom or something came up with a wild accusation for no reason. don't tell your mom and probably get in trouble for some uptight bitch that probably doesn't even know what he/she is talking about.

  8. He threatened me with a drug test, there's no way I'll pass. I sorta do want to tell her, I just have absolutely no idea how to go about it. :|

  9. Schools cannot drug test you without either your parents consent (if you are under 18) or your consent (if you are over 18).

    If you are truly 18 or older, then they cannot drug test you without your permission. Tell them to go fuck themselves.
  10. Man is he really going to have a meeting or whatever or is he just trying to con you into telling her yourself? If he asks on Monday tell him you told her, if that doesnt work then, like others said, deny deny deny. If a piss test comes up.. Well.. You cant blame a guy for trying.
  11. this. tell your mom YOUR version of the situation (you don't smoke weed, some bitch ass mom is making accusations for either no reason or because HER kid smokes weed, and she needs a bad influence kid to blame) and ensure that she is on your side. the school can't force you to take a drug test because well, they have no fucking right to. especially if you're not on any kind of team or after school program, tell them to sit on their dick and spin.
  12. It could be the start of one of the longest and hardest battles of your life. There's nothing worse than trying to explain to someone who has bought into the government story lies that weed is actually an amazing thing. It may seem like it doesn't matter what facts you present or what points you make, depending on how much your mother is willing to listen to reason of course, if she is open minded it may go smoothly. Tell her to go look up facts about marijuana if she gets angry.
  13. People lie all the time in school doesn't mean they can punish you. If you are 18 what can he really say, just say what you are writing here, its your choice to smoke regardless.
  14. Well if you tell your mom have a solid argument and some hard facts.
  15. Set up a hidden camera and record her freakin out on you. Then you could be a YouTube sensation and be on Tosh.0 and get paid.
  16. As long as she looks at the situation rationally youll be fine.

  17. I think that's where he's going to run into problems :p
  18. but she's a mom.
  19. Why bother arguing? Its like homosexuality or interracial relationships, can't waste time arguing if someone disagrees, just live your life and be honest, don't lie and make things worse and all will work out.
  20. You definitely should have bucked up when you learned it was all about parents talking. Not get crazy, but just say you have no idea how they think it. Start drinking a ton of water now...if you got cash get some cleansing stuff at a head shop. Deny deny deny. No evidence or truly being caught? Time to lie your ass off man. Then pass the drug test and put them in their place ;)

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