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Have to take a DT for a job next week.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lupac, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. I don't smoke much, it's been about a week since I last smoked. (It was at a New Year's Eve party.) Before that, I hadn't smoked in months. I'm supposed to take a DT for a job ether Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I drink lots of water every day, I'm in good shape. (180lbs, 6'1") I work out everyday. I took a 500mg Niacin pill tonight. They make me feel really bad, and I'm not planning on taking another one. As long as I keep drinking plenty of water, and working out, I should be fine, right? Also, I guess it will be a urine test, right? (It's just for a waiter job at a restaurant.) Thanks.
  2. You don't have to drink water EVERY day. THC isn't water soluble, therefore you can't "clean out" your system just by drinking water. However, the day of the test, i would advise you to drink A LOT of water. This will dilute your pee. Take a B-12, so you have color, and not just peeing clear. Also, either creatine supplements or red meat will help keep your diluted urine from being detected as such. Drug tests cut off at 50ng/ml, so the point is to make your pee so much water that it lowers the percentage of cannabanoids in your pee to less than that cut off point, so you pass. Hope this helps, and check out the "Pass a DT" sticky!
  3. you should be good. when your THC levels are at zero (which they would have been before new years because "you hadn't smoked in months"), it only takes about a week for your body to naturally rid yourself of any THC for every time you get high. also, and this is important, invest in a walgreens/cvs/local pharmacy drug test. they are less than $20 including tax. take that two days or a day before your actual drug test. you'll easily be able to make that up within your first hours working so its definitely worth it

    good luck, follow my advice and you'll have your job
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    If I somehow fail, how will this affect me getting a job at other places?

    It really has been months. Before new year's, the last time a smoked was in April of 09. Is that good? Also, since it had been so long, I was at zero tolerance. I only took 4 good hits and I was done. (Also, there was no more joint. (We were passing a joint between three people, including myself.)) Will that make any difference?

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