Have to start seeds outdoors

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  1. I have a problem no were to start.
    So going to stay near my spot not to
    Close but just to be there to make sure
    The seedlings are good for the 3 weeks
    Till I put them in the ground . Anyone
    Start outdoors before ? im going out 4/15
  2. With a past grow I started my seedling in a red Dixie cup then transplanted it into a 3.5 gallon pot.
  3. Doing it this year. As of now the plan is to put up a small, couple feet high greenhouse to start them in, and also cut the bottoms off some 2 litre bottles and put it over the plant cups. Hoping that will keep it warm enough to start since my climate isn't the warmest.
  4. Nice any problems doing tthat?
  5. Have not done it yet :) However I can't see it being a total fail.

  6. Thank you sounds great

  7. Im thinking 16 oz party cups an like u said
    Some kind of green house . How about a
    Clear plastic tote from walmart hinge the
    Lid like a cold frame drain holes o on the
    Botom and vents. Plus It can be moved
  8. The tote might not be a bad idea, though I'm not sure about the ventilation thing I have to look more into it. The thing is, ventilation will mean less heat trapped...I think I'd rather have it tight and just open it for a few mins every day to let the air circulate. Again I have never done any of this so I'm just learning, still doing research. Another tip someone gave me in a thread I posted was at the bottom of the greenhouse put an old wool blanket, and on top of that a black garbage back to help it stay nice and warm.

    Would like to know more about ventilation and whether my idea of sealing it off and letting air circulate every day is a good or bad idea. Of course this is just for the first couple or few weeks til I plant them in the ground.

  9. how cold is it at night in spring at
    Your lat? 40 or 50deg night time temps
    Should be good to vent it with some holes
    At least you will be able to tweek it as you
    Check it every day and taylor the whole systum
    To the whether. I think we wlll be fine oh what strains?
  10. Definitely need to monitor them pretty closely, every day at least. I've lost them to cold and heat. Make sure they don't go out in straight sunlight for the first 2-3 weeks or so, and definitely would recommend a cold frame kinda thing or as posted above the 2-liters cut in half. Also helpful to wet the medium before putting seeds in. GL!

  11. Thank you brother an good luck to you
    Oh the farmers almanac said a wet sumer
    And setp. An oct. Very dry for ne. Sweet dry fall
  12. The 24 hour average in my area in May is around 45 Fahrenheit, with the last frost around mid May. Not sure how cold my seedlings can get before dying.

    Strains are Barney's Farm LSD, Purple Maroc, whatever random bonus seeds from the seedbank when I order, and some random seeds given to me from a friend.

    Won't be too upset if I lose the bonus and free seeds as long as the LSD and Purple Maroc have some success.

  13. I hear you man I got more seeds this
    Year just in case I loose any. My strains are
    Purple maroc 20fem
    Blueberry headband 20fem
    Mandala #1 20reg
    Avolon 10reg
    Lsd 20fem
    Lemon hazexsour diesel auto 10fem
    14 fem free seeds
    9 bag seeds

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