Have to quit smoking or cut back due to major anxiety. Anyone in the same boat?

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  1. After a few years of numerous doctor's visits trying to find out why I feel sick, dizzy, and not right at all, I have come to the conclusion that I have developed major anxiety issues, because the doctors can never find anything wrong with me. Smoking weed only seems to make it worse and it sucks, so I'll probably have to quit and will more than likely be taking prescription meds to control my severe anxiety. I don't want to blame the marijuana, but it seems that it can have these adverse affects on certain individuals. I just want to know if anyone has had to do the same thing and if so, how did it go for you? Did everything get better after you stopped smoking? Did you continue smoking even while taking the anxiety meds? Why or why not?

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    i too suffer from mild to extreme anxiety. sometimes weed helps, sometimes it causes my panic attacks. I have found that indicas are really great at calming me down, as it is more of a mental high than a body high. still, I have noticed that some specific strains are better on me than others. Sour Kush (sativa) used to be my go to, now i'm experimenting with indicas to see what fits me best.
    i have heard that high CBD products can also help with anxiety. Sativas are usually higher in CBD than indicas, in my experience. Have you tried any CBD rich strains or products like edibles?
    THC is the psychoactive compound that gives you the high. There are strains out there that have greatly minimized the % of THC and increased CBD %. If getting high makes your anxious, try a strain with very low THC and high CBD. 
    I carry xanax with me wherever i go, but I try not to take it unless i'm having a super super extreme panic attack. Just knowing the xanax is with me brings me added comfort.
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  3. Sorry to hear, I had the same problems when I was younger.

    I was born with extremely fidgety and nervous, I didn't speak to people other than friends and family until 2 or 3rd grade. But whenever forced to, my neck would freeze and my words become jumbled and whatever.

    then I started smoking weed, and it be fine but sometimes I'd get really paranoid and anxiety would kick in (near objects look far like the movies), but overall my anxiety went away completely and only happened when I smoked heavy bowls.
    Now I figured out I like sativa much better than indica, sativa never makes me feel paranoid the way indica does.

    I use indica to pass out.
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  4. Thanks for the helpful replies. I had a doctor appointment today and they prescribed me with 25mg of Zoloft to start out as a low dose. I really hope this helps me and I have high hopes. I also hope that I will be able to toke every once in a while too without having a panic attack.

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  5. How'd it turn out man? I'm quitting cannabis and coffee for a bit as I had a panic attack a few days ago and am just starting to feel better. Just wondering if you can still have a smoke now and again?
  6. I find that the set and setting will determine my anxiety level, as well as the strain.  Try to be in an environment conducive to feeling relaxed, and generally good vibes.  
    You can also try lowering your dose. You may be smoking too much. Current cannabis genetics have been very well bred and I know for certain, at least in Northern CA, potency is through the roof compared to a decade ago.
    Play around with strains, CBD/THC ratios, dose, and when/where you medicate. You will likely find a nice way to medicate that agrees with your physiology.
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    So, to answer your question: no.
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    Hope he's ok!

  9. Yes..happened to me last year unfortunately. I got a major anxiety attack once when I smoked and my heart was beating out of my chest. Granted I was going through a move then and times were stressful but I still haven't blazed since then that shit was just too scary.
  10. You drink caffeine or alcohol? energy drinks and coffee fuck me up bad. I get dizzy anxious and light headed when iv been drinking a lot of caffeine. alcohol does the same the next day.
  11. Think positive work out and eat organic and I bet you would not have this problem
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  12. Can I hear more about your sickness symptoms? I too am struggling sick feeling sick and having no doctors find anything wrong...although I don't feel anxious. You mind taking a look at my post? Maybe you will see some similarities in my case. I think I need to quit too even if it is not making me sick in the end...Good for you for taking initiative and quitting!!!
  13. I used to bo more anxious when I started smoking pot but now I don't experience any symptoms of anxiety when I smoke
  14. Stopped smoking MJ after it made me feel like hell nearly every time. I have numerous mental issues so that's the reason why I can't deal with the herb. 99% of the time it's a bad high except for the first year I smoked it years ago. Alcohols my favorite substance (Don't drink it that much though.)
  15. Have you started to feel better? I also feel sick and dizzy but don't feel anxious at all- in fact I feel very happy and relaxed most of the time. None of my tests are coming out positive. Their is nothing wrong with me. Could this sick feeling be from anxiety even though I don't feel anxious?
  16. I used to be "normal" but a trip on a unmentionable fungi brought out my anxiety and panic disorder (parent and sibling have it). Now I have generalized anxiety so I'm pretty much holding back panic attacks all the time.

    Marijuana will induce them but eventually you can gain control over the panic attack feeling. Although it may break through every now and then.

    Anxiety can definitely make one dizzy, nauseas, and have insomnia. Mainly from constant stress on the body and over analyzation of what you're feeling.

    Anxiety is curable though. Eat healthy (eating gmo's is fine) and have well balanced meals. Exercise, therapy, staying busy and cutting back on daily toking will each help with constant anxiety. Combining all of the above will do wonders.

    And if you haven't tried meditation then give it ago because that could cure anxiety all by itself.

    Just a fun note is that people with anxiety fit the criteria for becoming good scientists. Insomnia, over analyzation of little things, having to stay busy, etc.. are perfect for lab environments.
  17. Can I ask why you think GMO's are "fine"? What studies have you been reading?

    As far as I know, GMO's are only required to go through 90 days of testing before they're released to the public. (Extremely quietly too I may add). Never see many advertisements for GMO's huh? They just push them out into the food supply and hope people don't notice.

    They're banned or have mandatory labeling in over 64 countries other than the U.S. Again, why do you think they're fine?

    As for the OP, my wife suffers from pretty severe anxiety attacks. She has been on medication that helps, but she's been slowly weaning off of them. Eating organic, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and definitely thinking positive helps. We also smoke every single day and the effects don't increase for her. With either indicate or saliva.
  18. I find weed rids my anxiety on a normal day. If I'm already strung out and anxious it can make it worse (its hard for me to tell before so I usually smoke it just in case). I have a friend who becomes extremely anxious when she smokes and it never relieves her anxiety, unless she is extremely chill to begin with. I don't know enough about strains to tell you if one is better than another, but you know your body best, and if you don't feel like weed is benefiting you and may actually make you worse, I would recommend quitting or cutting back. Peanuts are good for you, as long as your not allergic, right? Weed is only beneficial if your body accepts it. Just my opinion. Good luck.
  19. Indicate and saliva? Sry, you know what I meant
  20. I also hope that I will be able to toke every once in a while too without having a panic attack.

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