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Have to pass a drug screen

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cmel1027, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. So I used to be a heavy marijuana smoker. I’ve had to quit because my program for school does drug screens once a year. So I had to stop but I did buy a couple of grams to celebrate 420 so from the 19th to the 23rd I “celebrated.” I have to take my test tomorrow which means it’ll be 115 days of abstaining from weed. I should be good right? Some more information about me, I’m older 32 years old, I’m on the heavier side 213 pounds at 6ft which puts me around 30% body fat. Let me know what you think for some reason I always feel nervous before drug screens.
  2. so i know i already addressed this in the generic thread. But a little more detail. Over the years the THC metabolite count estimate has shifted a bit. whereas it used to just say '30 days' for thc to clear the system, now its very much based on usage. for example, a single joint, no previous usage, sometimes you can get away with as little as 4 days. but after 2 weeks almost everyone will be testing clean. for HEAVY heavy users you get into the months (instead of days of weeks) type calculations. but 1 time use? you have nothing at all to worry about. even 4 days of slamming it. 3 months clean? almost anyone would piss clean.
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  3. however brosef, i would definitely grab a couple of home tests to be sure. make sure the cutoff level is the same as the labs (50 ng/l). I say a couple just in case you screw one up and get a false negative. But these strips are essentially the same thing quest and labcorp use for their initial screen. but again, 3.5 months? theres just no way your still dirty.
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  4. more than anything duder, RELAX. you can give yourself a freaking coronary worrying about these tests. Even if you had to sub, its the easiest thing ever for employment tests. I think most companies even know that, they just want to rubber stamp and say they drug test. the practice is bullshit.

    but really, stop worrying. have a drink, play some video games, watch some really weird porn. anything but worrying about this stupid drug test, it aint worth your time. you have very very little to worry about.
  5. 32yo still in 'School' ...?

    yeah I'll buy a burger and fries off ya every Friday night at 7pm

    Good luck
  6. lol. stopped by just to be a dick? wheres your PHD asshole? 32 years old without an education vs 32 years old in take the second. gotta start somewhere.
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  7. You o
    You obviously missed the point, maybe school should be in your future because reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. Ok dickhead I’m older and in school but I don’t flip burgers and I went back to school to change my career but you wouldn’t be able to understand this with your low IQ and selfish attitude. Thanks for trying though, I would say good effort but I’m not.
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  8. lol, not even worth a comment duder. i graduated undergrad at 25, was one of the older students coz i didnt go right to college, and i finished my masters at 31. but i was def one of the younger one of those. this moron either never had to work or is actually the one flipping burgers and needed to project.
  9. So true you’re right it just rubbed me the wrong way. He’s not worth the time.
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