Have to go infront of liquor commision

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  1. Alright im gonna try to make this short, so i accidently sold alcohol to an undercover working for the liqour commision. Now its 4 months later and i have to meet my boss up at somr liqour commision place to go talk to them about this. My question is i have a bench warrant, does anybody know if they will be able to see my warrant ( its not an actual courthouse). Any helps appreciated thank you.

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  2. Nah it's the liquor commission not the police.
  3. My guess is yes...its still part of a record that says you did something you probably shouldn't have and hopefully its not for something like this because if it is there going to have a lot of fun with you XD

    but we can do a prayer and hope they let you off with a warning and a nice speech on how underage drinking is bad mmmmkay

  4. Ill update u guys tomorrow.

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  5. I'm confused. Did you not ID him? Or is the business not licensed?
  6. If your out. Good luck man.

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  7. we were short at work and i was the only one workin when its usually 2 people. I had a long line and i id the chick real quick and didnt pay close enough attntion ( she was 20) and i didnt look at the month and day of her birthday well enough. She was like 3 months from being 21 according to the report

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  8. Aw fuck, that sucks ass man.
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    yeah bro sorry to hear about this.... totally sucks

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