Have to give them a thumbs up!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by unoit, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, after our experience with a seed company that rip us O.F.F.F. Cannbiseeds.net has sent us 10 seeds of their White Widow Crystals+ out of the goodness of their hearts.
    We will order some of their Lord#1 when it gets back in stock.

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  2. Thats great. I need to order some seeds soon. Sounds like a good place to order from!
  3. HIGH All, sorry for the error Lefty...spelt it wrong cannabiseed.net left the a out Duh!!! Yes I'd be leary of new companies myself. I was giving them a thumbup was because we were ripped O.F.F.F. and these guys had no problem sending out orders to who were ripped O.F.F.F. by the company Canadian Medical Seeds. Now you don't see too many seed companies doing that.
    Again so for any confusion Lefty.
  4. HIGH All, yes your right on the money...I didn't change a thing...just explained I can misspell...I quess it's spell checking time everytime I post *LOL*.
  5. unoit Lord#1 is back in stock!

    Thank you for the feedback how are thos wwc+ doing?Never show me a pic :(

    Feels nice in this forums "I like it"

    Thank you rlw for helping unoit on find the way to our site :))).I'm sure he never lost his bong.
  6. HIGH All, welcome to the City Top_9_Fingers.

    Glad to hear the Lord is back. The WWC+ are doing great...I'll take pictures tonight.
  7. HIGH All, again Thank you Top_9_Fingers for the WWC they are doing great. Had to keep them under the fluros till the other room is ready. They are kept under the fluros till the lights (1000w and 400w hps) come on in the other room and then I take them out again to the fluros when it's lights out. The other room is still 12/12.

    Here's a group picture of your WWC Top_9_Fingers

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  8. HIGH All, my LHM who took the other five has one left.

    Another pic of the WWC.

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  9. Those look nice my friend :) they stretch a bit because of the chage of light spectrum every day but they are nice and will make you flip when they get into flowering for a few weeks :D.

    Thank you for leting me see then I really enjoy every time I see my little devil friend growing away from home,they going to make you even more happy when you burn the firt one.

    Can I post your pictures at the topic in CGI?
  10. HIGH All, no doubt we'll love it Top_9_Fingers. I was going to post over at CGI...but...been working out of town and no time to do anything. Would you mind doing that for me I'd appreciate it.
  11. Thanks unoit ! Can wait to see how those babys end on you and please help your friend he have some bad luck :)

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