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Have this happened to you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SaturNeptune, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. so basically you're smoking with ur bud..

    you BOTH just finish like two blunts and you know you are lit.

    and since you seem to be curious about others when you're high..

    you ask your bud if he is lit like you are..

    and he says "man i can't even feel shit" in a serious way this has happend to me many times before..why do some smokers do that?

    and you know he is just by the way he acts

    and im just like :confused::mad::confused_2:

    this ever happen to you guys?
  2. i dont know any smokers who do that; unless there smokin them sacks of bobby brown.
  3. damn..

    it's pretty annoying.
  4. Man, I don't think I know anyone who would say that they couldn't feel anything after two blunts haha. I can imagine it being annoying though.
  5. MY GOD all the time, with this one kid, he is a new smoker, will smoke a bowl or two of dank, his eyes will be closed, he cant barley make sense, and will be saying he feels the same idk why
  6. thank you!

    i knew i wasnt the only 1..

    i think thats just lame and childish.

    they should just admit it and feel good:cool:
  7. I DEFINITELY know people like that. Its annoying, especially if your always the one smoking them out. I think some people just really fuck their tolerance too much. They always wanna get higher and higher, not quite realizing that they are trying to reach the euphoria levels that other drugs such as shrooms or LSD gives. Well, bud DOES NOT get you ANYWHERE NEAR AS HIGH as most hardcore psychoactives.
  8. The only time I've heard this was the first time my best friend smoked.

    We were outside smokin' a nice size blunt. I had some really strong dank and it was the first time he was smoking weed. After we finished, we came inside. I got us drinks, and he turned to me and said, "I don't think this shit does anything." Just a few moments later, my dog came in. My friend took one glance at his face and proceeded to laugh for a good 10 minutes(no lie, it was so bad I walked in to the living room and started watching TV).
  9. yup i have a friend who does that..pretty fuckin annoyin...i can see he is high and hes always like ,,i cant feel a thing..
    so i stopped smoking him out.hes wasting my hash anyway..
    ps. he still thinks he was never high..:rolleyes:
  10. People just say that so you smoke more with them lmfao.
  11. I call em liars and put my stash away.

    I dont spend hard-earned on herb that "doesnt get you high" dealer comes here....ask him.
  12. People do that all the time... A lot of inexperienced people that I smoke out dont really realize there high because they think a weed high is something its not.... the perfect cure for that is to do something funny or watch somethin trippy and wait for there reaction and be like "told you you were high"
  13. i know a bunch of guys who do that it does get real annoying
  14. I think this is because also a lot of new smokers don't know what the effects will be right off or for a few weeks anyway. When I first started, I know I didn't feel the full array of effects until a week or 2 into smoking. So it's possible that these new kids are just trying to be cool lolz
  15. I don't mind it if we're matching or something,
    and if I ask
    but I hate those damn kids that are like "I'm not high at all" after you just
    smoked them out (didn't ask them if they are high or not either), if they do
    that i'll just be like "alright, you load the next few bowls then"

  16. Yeah some people expect it to make them like trip balls or something..

    I have a friend who used to do that.. But he realizes what he's supposed to feel now.
  17. I hate when people do that when I smoke with them. Smoking is not like drinking, but some how people still try and make it like that. I kinda think it would be cooler to be higher than the other person, kinda like drinking you think you are cooler because you can out drink anyone.:cool:
  18. BurnBeAn is on the right track here.
    It's always the smoking n00bs who say this.

    You can see their diliated pupils, red eyes, funny walk, funny talk, all that and they still tell you nothing has changed for them.
    That's because their consciousness (what they use to 'detect' change) has changed.
    They do not sense the changes in their senses because their senses have changed.
  19. I'm so blazed right now it took me awhile to understand your thread. I thought you meant he said he was so high he couldn't feel anything, lmfao!:D
  20. LOL. what the hell. im not sure i know any people that deny they're high (when they are)

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