Have these tylonel 3's with oxycodone

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  1. The other night i ate 2 and didnt feel shit, just ate 3 right now. They say they should kick in within 30 minutes, but i have yet to feel shit. Would i be safe to take like 3 more? They have 200mg acetominophen and 10g oxycodone i think
  2. i believe t3 have codeine not OC..in which case youll probably need a higher dose to catch a buzz.
  3. T3's have codeine not Oxy LOL.

    And they cotain ALOT of APAP.

    and the buzz is shit.

    Holy fucking shit i want some :rolleyes:
  4. Yeah i meant codeine. But you think ill be safe eating my other 3?
  5. its 300 mg apap and 30 mg codeine, take a couple more and get high and im sure youll be feeling pretty good if you have a low tolerance. I have them right now for my broken hand and I take 3 just for the pain...and thats with no tolerance. These are kinda weak
  6. they are extremely weak. the only form of codeine i think is ok is lean and even then it's not that good.

  7. 10g of oxy ahahaha you'd probably just explode where you stood
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    i ended up taking all 7 and i feel kind of sick.like im gonna puke

    Now i dont feel sick but i have hiccups like a motherfucker

  9. That would be soo fun though...:hippie:
  10. Codeine is the strongest opiate i have ever taken(unless vicodins are stronger?)

    Anyways i took 30mg and felt pretty good, next day took 120mg and had 1 hit of weed and felt SO good.

    I'd say if i took around 200mg i would of been nodding, probably because of such low tolerance.
  11. Codone is codone, comes in Vicodin and loratabs and a few others from what i've heard.

    But yeh I usually take 4 lortabs, which is 30 MG codone and 2,000 MG APAP... over 3,000 MG of APAP in a few hours and your liver will fail, or be permanently fucked.

    Dont do codone and drink either.

    Just feel the buzz and relax :hello:

  12. 2000, your still fuckin up your liver bad.
  13. You mean hydrocodone.

    I was going to say something about the APAP part, but I'll edit later if I remember....

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