have the chance to try opium....

Discussion in 'General' started by WaterLillyFairy, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. I would like to get some feedback, and advice about opium.. a friend of mine has some and wants to try it with me, and I wanted to know what you guys/gals thought of it... I dont know much about it, so I'll be doing plenty of research, but I'd love to hear your opinions.. thanks
  2. I have used Palvium (an opium derivate) on several occaisions as a perscription drug because it's a very powerfull pain killer. It's like smoking a few grams of the best Indica you've ever had and a little bit more...:) You only want to lie down and go with the waves. Euphoric, dreamy and trippy.

    Crash down on the other hand, is terrible. You'll feel like shit and be prepared for some serious vomiting. And don't forget that opium is highly addictive!
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    I've smoked it twice that im positive about, and im pretty sure this one time i had laced weed with it, but im still not 100% sure.

    Opium isnt a party drug at all, or even a social drug. I get knocked the fck out when i smoke it. I just pretty much lay on the ground trippin with a big smile on my face for a few hours, then feel hung over for a day. It's a great pain killer, and is a enjoyable smoke, tastes great. It's real addictive and habbit forming though, use sparingly. Make sure you get real stuff, i've never had the problem, but i've heard of people getting sold fake O, and its reall herbal O which is legal and sucks....Overall, its a relaxing experience, similar to pot high, and it's fairly cheap in my area...
  4. How cheap is cheap?

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