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have some questions...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Writers at War, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. ok so in february of last year i was in a bad accident at the dunes in a sandrail and i shattered my L1 vertebre cracked ribs on my left side and crack my right pelvic bone and when my vertebre shattered it severed my spinal cord preety bad so its a miracle im walking but i have VERY bad back pain and i dont want to do pills because they are not natural and i was thinking of medical marijuana as an alternative and wanted a second opinion. also i dont know where to start to try and get a medical marijuana permit. if someone could give me a lead on that it would be greatly appreciated. if it helps i live in phx arizona. and i do have all of my medical records and everything of that sort
  2. Arizona isn't a medical marijuana state.
  3. i thought arizona and cali passed that prop 215 in 1996?
  4. You thought wrongly.

    California did. Arizona, nope.
  5. if you want psuedo medical marijuana just get a fuckton of pain meds (preferably oxycodone over hydrocodone for resale value) from your doc and just sell them to your dealer in exchange for bud and your weed expenses should be next to none
  6. Haha, sounds terrible but would work I guess.

    Do you have to have proof of residence or something showing you live in that state when you go to get your MMJ card?
  7. Active state programs:

    You are at least surrounded by MMJ states. If you had to move across the border, at least that is an option? Obama's statement that he will end the federal involvement should open up more possibilities for MMJ programs in other states though. Write you reps! :hello:
  8. just move to cali dog.
  9. Arizona passed a similar law with a fatal flaw.

    Arizona law asks physicians to PRESCRIBE not RECOMMEND cannabis, which opens the doctors to federal indictment.

    Hence no medi herb in arizona.

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