have some question's on hydro and cloneing

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlie067, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. i realy want to know how to clone so i can clone my plants?could someone give me a good link with pics or explain plz?

    i want to use the clones in hydro but i need some more info on dro i would like to get some info on the bubble buckets and stuff i have a hydro store right down the street from my house i dont want to have a big conversation with the guys at the store just kuz i keep my shit to myself other than here at the city so if someone can give me info on how to clone my plants then after i clone how to put together some bubble buckets and how to put my clones in the buckets and exc.
    if someone can help mesoon it would be great thx
  2. HIGH All, ok charlie067 here's a excellent site for clones.

    The only thing you'll need from the Hydro store is the ferts and a PH pen. I presume you have lights!. The buckets (with lids) I use came from a restaurant, they should be pretty easy to find...and when you find some wash them out with bleach and hot water.

    Buckets, air pump, hose, airstones, clay pellets or Hydro stone for your medium, PH pen is a must when doing Hydro.

    Transplanting your clones into the Hydro medium is fairly easy, it's looking after them after the transplant...because the roots arn't in the solution you'll have to water by hand until the roots come out of the pot and then when those roots hit the soulution...wacth out.

    Let us know how the cloneing took.

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