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Have some questions about hash oil, anyone help me out??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokabowl420, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Heyyo evry'body merry xmas....tomoro I'm getting 2 grams of "headband" oil...who knos if its made from headband but I know it's flame. btw I'm really throwin down $$ for it to because I never get an opportunity to get some ($50/g if ur wondering).

    I have me questions because I've never really bought it.
    Is it just like a syrup-like substance?/Best way to preserve it?
    Is the best way to smoke it by heating up a paper clip slightly above the blob of oil to get it drippin on the bowl?
  2. It is an amber syrup very much like honey. Best way to store it is on parchment paper (u can get it at the grocery store) than put the paper in a jar of some kind. DO NOT try to put it in a bag, if it gets stuck to plastic u are never gunna get it all off.

    The best way to smoke it is with an oil rig, but obviously u dont have one, so i would say either dipping ur nugget in it or scooping it up with a paper clip and smearing it on packed bowls, or rolling papers, but be careful it is very very sticky and as you know valuable. Also very potent. Start with only a little bit on a bowl or joint.
  3. Put it on a paperclip, then melt it onto a cigarette if you smoke, if not melt it onto a j.
  4. If you smoke ciggs, do as the above poster, but on the middle-ish. How awesome would it be to smoke a cig, and when you pass the midpoint (where the oil is), you feel incredibly high, and no one around you knows. Bahaha.

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