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Discussion in 'General' started by Hubert, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. im about to try that nutmeg thing where you eat like 15 grams and get fucked up. but i need to know if mace does the same thing as nutmeg. they are made from the same plant. nutmeg is made from the seed whereas mace is made from the outer shell. will they do the same thing?
  2. uuhhh...

    no clue

    from what i have heard it isn'tworth it though. i like a little nutmeg in moderation but to just eat 15 grams would suck. i say just stick to weed or shrooms. if you want a cheep legal trip go for morning glory seeds, it seems like a better option to me
  3. what r morning glory seeds??? i have heard of them on this site, but what r they? do they make u trip?

  4. yes you can use either mace or nutmeg...I think the concentration is higher in the seed though I know for a fact its possible to trip off of mace as well... I suggest not trying this though, most people report only mild effects along with agonizing day after hangovers that can last for what eems like forever..I know prisoners sometimes use nutmeg simply because its easy to get a hold of if they have access to the prison kitchen...mix 5-20 grams in a glass of warm water and chug-a-lug ya sick mofo..

    Morning Glory seeds (and baby hawaiian woodrose seeds) have small amounts of LSD-ish lysergic amides...grind up a few grams of the MG seeds or a handfull of the honkin BHW seeds and as long as the producer of the seeds didn't fuck them up with chemicals then you may just trip. Your best bet is to buy from an organic/local supplier because larger scale seed producers use chemicals to thwart people from ingesting them.

    The varieties of morning glory seed that have worked for me have been the "heavenly blues" and "flying saucers"....

  5. they are flower seeds

    you can purchase them at any local hardware/feed/place that sells flower seeds store

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