Have not smoke in 90 days still can't pass a drug test help!!!!!!

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  1. Well I go to the methadone clinic cause I got bad on ocs but they told me I had to quit smoking or I'll get kick out ok so I stoped 2 1/2 months ago when I smoked I smoked a 8th of dank everyday for the pass year and my thc levels only were in the 50s. It's went down alittle every week last week I was at 26.5. And 25 and under is clean this week I went up to 27.4 witch is nothing but the lab says if it goes up then I smoked but I have not smoke in over 2 months. So there talking about kicking me out I have a meeting on monday but I've told them I have not smoked but they don't believe me. I'm a big guy 6,2 230lbs. Work out alot. Can anyone tell me why I'm I still dirty or why my levels went up alittle when I have not smoked at all please any help would be great
  2. you loose some weight recently?
  3. ^ If you've recently lost a considerable amount of weight, THC that was stored in your fat cells could have been released into your blood stream, thus increasing your THC level.
  4. Maybe a few lbs but not alot
  5. This. Remember it's measured in nanograms and an eighth of dank a day for that long will leave a considerable amount of metabolites stored in fat especially since you are bigger. When you burn fat for energy it releases some.

    Plead your case and hope for the best I suppose.
  6. Is there anywhere on the net that says this so I can print it out and take it in with me. And thanks for the good info and thanks in advance
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    I tried looking on Google for a while but I haven't come across anything solid most sites are saying up to 90 days or even less. However with your size, rate of use, unknown metabolic rate and the fact that you exercise makes it very possible. I bet there are sources on this out there but I have to leave for a class.

    Another idea is to suggest a hair test. They might make you pick up the cost because they are more expensive, but if I am not mistaken it would prove you didn't smoke For 90 days recently and even the fact that you would confidently suggest it might make them believe in you more.

    Good luck.
  8. Bring the weight issue up with the counselor shouldn't be a problem.
  9. ^what everyone else just repeated in their own words.
  10. You think methadones better then subs? I gotta either go to the sub clinic next week or methadone, and last time I was on subs the W/D was ten times worst than OC so im havin a little trouble deciding:eek:
  11. honestly id go with subs because my step dad was addicted to oc and he said methadones almost worse to kick than oc. he said it still like fucks you up two. but he ended up going on subs and hes clean now
  12. Yea i think i'm just gunna go for subs then and only take em for 2 weeks tops. When docs prescribe them monthly then its just so they make money, its all a fucking scheme when they don't taper you off. If you tamper off subs right there actually really convenient.
  13. Thanks for the help and I would go on subs. Methadone makes you tired and gain alot of weight

  14. Yeah there going to kick me out they put me in cosat 3 months ago and that's your last chance and you have to go to alot of meetings but I quit that day cause I was scared of getting kicked out I've done everything 100% right went to all my groups quit smoking. But now there going to kick me out cause ive been dirty for so long but I quit and not even one hit in like close to 90 days and I've told them and told them but they don't believe me and I've never gave them a reason not to believe me I don't get why it's taking so long and it was allmost out last week and this week it went up 2 points and I never smoked if someone can find me a link were it's liget info I will paypal you 20 dallars for your time i go infront of the board on Monday and I can't afford to get kick out it's really help me get off ocs. And thanks again guys
  15. You need some vinegar bruh. Chug that shit, it usually helps in most cases.
  16. You have about forty pounds on me and I was smoking a Z a week before I stopped. Passed a DT in two and a half weeks. Urinalysis?
  17. THIS ^ With a hair test they will look like idiots and you will reign victorious, granted you really did not smoke at all during the given timeline.
  18. They won't do a hair test only piss and they said there lab don't lie and there lab told them if it goes up one point then there smoking but hair test is a really good thought tho I beg them for one and that I would pay and they said no They mess up people's drug test all the time it's crazy but I know I have not smoked at all so I am diabetic maybe that could have something to do with it
  19. Thanks for the help anybody know anything else ??
  20. Anybody have any more info they can help me out with

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