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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bud Head, Sep 2, 2001.

  1. I guess it would be wise to let everyone know a little about me.

    I'm 38 year old male who loves to smoke the good herb.
    Married at the moment, but divorce is in effect. Two great boys who i have taught about MJ and they both understand the concept of it. I own a construction buisness that is doing very well. I also just started work on a project for battered women. I have bought a piece of property on a lake and am now in process of doing the ground work.

    Well now i guess that gives a little insite on who i am ..

    Also i'm from middle Tennessee. Hope that doesn't ofend anyone.. Hahahaha
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  2. Hmmmm.....lemmee think about it, ummm, yep! I'm offended.

    HIGHYA BUDHEAD!!!!! I luv ya! See you around :)

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  3. Stony, I would luv to offend you every day of your life.
    You have to be one of the sweetest things on earth. If i had you to go with my stash, I would be the luckiest man on earth for sure...........

    How are you doing my luv????
  4. welcome bud. i dont know why these women are getting so offended. those creatures are so complex. lol

  5. Amanita, I get to the Smokies about every four or five months. I'll have to look you up sometime when i'm up there. I have only smoked with a couple of people i,ve met on the net... It will be nice to see a few more people who enjoy the herb like myself...

    E-Mail me if you want..

  6. I lived in Middle Tennessee for about 8 years so I am not offended.;)

  7. Middle Tennessee? I was offended when I lived in middle Tennessee many moons ago. Or was that I offended many in Middle Tennessee moons ago. Hell I don't remember.

    Now that football season has started again in the USA. How bad are your Volunteers going to be this year. I hadn't picked my team this year but I'm leaning War Eagle over Crimson Tide at the moment.
  8. RMJ Laws, I didn't want to take the time to spell that out, We need to get together and smoke a large ass joint.
    I didn't know there were so many friendly tokers in Tennessee.

    Big Poppa, Tennesse lost a good person when you left. I would have liked to have known you.

    Now to the vols, not much to say about that.

    The Titans are a different story. i'll make bets on the Titans, of course i don't bet for them every game but I made a little money on them last year.Al Del Greco is my enemy, caused me to loose several dollars against the Rams. I do mean SEVERAL dollars.

    Peace to the Grasscity family.Toke the big ones.
  9. ha ha our rams kicked your titains ass. hahaha. jk.
    PS i also lost money that superbowl.
  10. Yes Areoblurg you are right. When a kicker misses a 26 yard fieldgoal he needs to have his butt kicked through the goal post!!!! Pissed me off.

    I hope this year is going to be different.
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  11. Well I checked out that link on Yahooka and found this. Looks like a nice place and its good to see some people here.

  12. Dr. Feelgood you have come to the right place. There are many of our good Yahooka family here.. You will love this place.

    Peace to ya and welcome,,

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