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    Hey everyone, totally new here so I'll try to use the proper terminology, but bear with me.

    The plant in question is an autoflowering critical jack, its 36 days old, about 10 inches long/tall (I lst'ed it about 4 days ago when it was around 8 inches tall because I understand you ought to do so before flowering starts in earnest?)

    There are plenty of bud spots developing, especially since I lst'ed it, but it just seems so small.

    I'm growing via DWC in a 5 gal bucket. I'm running gen hydro flora series with 3 parts, mixing for aggressive growth ( 3 gro 2 micro 1 bloom) for a 2:1:3 NPK, also using rapid start at 3 tsp for the whole bucket. My nutes are at around 2800 ppm. Lights are 2 colofocus 600W LEDs being run on 18/6. The distance I've kept messing with, having it anywhere from 8 inches to 20 inches from the plants. I keep getting contradictory advice on where they ought to go. Close for maximum energy for the plants, or farther to cause the plant to "stretch" for the lights.

    Temp I keep between 72 and 75 generally, trying to lower it for the dark cycle. Humidity I had up to 60% a few weeks ago, but have brought it down to where I keep it around 50% now. Ph I keep low at around 5.8 - 5.9.
    It's tented, ventilated with a 4 inch inline at 180 cfm which I run at about 65%. 32" by 32" by 63" grow tent. No circulating fan otherwise, but that's on my agenda for the week.

    The pics may do a poor job, but my plant seem fine, the leaves aren't curled or clawed, I mean the newest leaves at first seem to be a bit "clawed" if that helps at all, but that goes away as soon as they spread a bit. The only thing is that my plant seems rather dark green. I'm not sure if that alone is enough to say nitrogen excess or not.Just dark green and, to me, rather small.

    So ya, any advice would be greatly appreciated and I'm happy to provide whatever other info I've most likely forgotten.

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  2. looking very good . patience my friend . idk if your running 24/7 or not this will speed it up . what brand led is that ?
  3. ColoFocus, you can find them on amazon. Very cheap and chinese, but great reviews and some good pics of people's grows with them so I said why not. I doubled up after I became afraid I may not have enough light. Problem with 24/7 is I now have a somewhat sickly og kush clone in the tent also...

    I'm just afraid of too much light (specific LED issue, apparently you can stunt but otherwise be asymptomatic from what I've read. The plant's having to repair a lot and otherwise is running inefficiently.), or too little light. Or possibly too much nutrients. But it doesn't look like what people show nitrogen burn as, idk.

    But thank you! I have no idea what she should look like at this age. Seeds said 10-12 weeks from seed for harvest so...
  4. IMO...2800 ppm is too much for any grow/grow approach. I'm completely surprised you aren't frying it or seeing nutrient lockout. (it may yet happen) As you are seeing...just because you choose to water at "Aggressive growth" levels...you aren't really seeing aggressive growth on the backside. Less is often more in this game. I'd guess you'd do as well, if not better if you ran at 1000ppm...or less. My guess is that the small stature may be related somewhat to running things so hot.

    I can't comment on the light distance for LED 'cus I'm old school and still like my HID's....so my suggestion would be the above. Lower the ppm's and see where things go.

    best of luck
  5. Thanks beensmokin. I've been thinking I may need to lower the ppms...possibly keep the lights up at like 20"-22" inches.

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