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Have My Seed Germinated?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StonerRob, May 21, 2013.

  1. Ok, So I have a seed and its been two days and I've been doing the towel method and even did the Water Cup method for 6 hours one day. So after the first 24 Hrs of the towel method I put it in the water and it sank to the bottom and I read that means its viable and a viable seed is what you want correct? Anyways, I squeezed the seed just enough to crack it open barely and I read that you could do that too.. So its been 12 hours or so since I've done that and now a little white root is barely poking out when I woke up.... Checked it just now and it seemed like it barely even grew? Its not the first time I've germinated the first time it took 16 hrs and the little root was like an inch and a half i guess thats why Im getting fustrated...But my two main questions are have I caused too much stress to the seed to make it die? and I have a rich dark soil outside next to a patch of trees by the highway and its like a 50 x 50 random patch of woods so if I plant it under all the trees will it still grow? Thanks everyone and sorry if i bored you.

  2. If you have the white root you should be good to plant...why it not be?
    You can wait longer for it to grow more though if you want, should be fine.
    I've "stressed" many a seed and they all turn out fine in the long run.
  3. Okay thank you! And the root is barely sticking out and can I put it in the dirt and just leave it there and check on it like once a week and it be okay?
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    I suggest you to plant your seed about half an inch deep in a cup (not transparent) or something first, if you want it to 
    safely sprout through soil outside. Then cover the cup with a transparent plastic bag until it sprouts through the soil. The bag will protect your seed from birds and shit like that. At least that's what i do and it works everytime. I once lost 7 germed seeds because of birds when i left them unprotected outside. Next thing to worry about is snails.​
  5. You can plant as soon as you see the taproot break. But an inch and a half? That's a little too long man. The longer the tap root the easier to fuck it up.

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