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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jan 16, 2004.



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  3. Don't matter, you'll always be the village idiot

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  1. after reading some of my posts. i think i may have finnaly matured! My replies are alot more serious now and tend to have less of a "strangeness" to them, weird.

    I hope i dont calm down to much to have to pass on my title lol :smoking:
  2. this IS excluding stoned posts ladies and gentelmen as they embarace me usuly. but they are hella funny
  3. Yes, DoK, you have matured. That's a Good Thing(tm)! Doesn't matter, though, you're still the Village Idiot. :D

  4. lol thanks man

    i thought so, its the dif mainly from posts i made when i signed up and when i came back the most, but since i came back there getting worse, or better, wotever u think

  5. trademark eh? i better not use that. hahahaha ur still a village idiot. but every village needs one. so hoorah. ive always wondered why the village people never had an idiot. they had a cop, indian, but not an idiot. oh well.
  6. maybe their idiot got lost :p

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