Have I started flowering already? Confused

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  1. Hey everyone, I got these plants about a month ago and they were already pretty big so I have no idea how old they are. This is my first grow, are these flowering already? Also I have two important questions.

    And if they are flowering, should I stop using neem oil since I have a spider problem?

    Also, I transplanted this plant into a 25 gallon pot on 6/12 and just watered it with no nutes for two weeks, beginning week 1 of this feeding schedule on 6/29. Am I following a good schedule or should I skip ahead? Was planning on doing feeding according to week two of veg on that chart tomorrow morning but now I’m not sure where I stand on that chart. Please help!
  2. Here’s the plant

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  3. And here’s the chart

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  4. Honestly have no idea, it’s some purple punch that I believe is from a clone. I got it on June 12th, it was already well into veg. I literally had zero growing knowledge before June 12th. Done all my research since then
  5. Can't be an auto then as you can't really clone an auto, well you can but it's a waste of time. I've never grown normal feminized plants so I am no good use to you my friend, I hope someone comes in & helps you.

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  6. I'm not to sure about the feeding schedule. Im sure a veteran will come In and help with that. But those are definitely flowering. Do you know what light schedule they were on before? If they were in the dark too long it would trigger them to think it's late summer early fall and would start them to flower. It's very important not to change the amount of light drastically.

    I've heard some people say sometimes if you force a lot of light they will go back to veg. But I've personally never experience from first hand so not sure.

    Good luck, hope others can help with the feed schedule. Me I'd start feeding for flower and try to turn a bad situation into possibly something still rewarding. They look like they are about a couple weeks into flowering. Cheers.

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