Have I ruined the bloom stage?

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  1. hey everyone
    So long story short I have had 4 plants going (1 white widow fem, 3 Afghan kush regs). 1 afghan turned male another deformed like crazy and not developing well so I removed it and the male.

    The white widow and single Afghan have been in bloom now for 2 weeks. I'm seeing progress on the WW but not the other. I've been doing what I've recently read you're not supposed to do. Turning lights on during their 12 hours of darkness. I'd go in every couple days turning the regular ceiling lights on to tend to them. Have I messed up the bloom stage? Or will they still bloom now that I know to keep light completely off them for the 12 hours off?
    Thanks everyone for your help and I apologize for my stupidity.
  2. yee turning the lights on could set you back any where from 1-2 weeks pending on the strain... or could even revert back to veg. since they need total un interrupted darkness the only known way around this is using green spectrum lighting. the plants don't use the green spectrum since they are green themselves. or change the lighting time if need be. either have a long day or a long night just as long as they get there 12+hrs of total darkness
  3. Just start giving them a constant dark (completely dark) period and they'll start blooming.

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  4. Messing with the dark period can also trigger hermaphroditism in your plants.
    The dark period should be totally dark with no light leaks and absolutely no interruptions.
  5. No. Your plants will be fine. Going in for a few minutes even daily will be of no consequence. They will not hermie because of it. It will not add weeks to your grow time and you do not have to compensate with extra dark time.
  6. you should get a timer makes stuff alot easier
  7. Ok thanks for the help everyone. I knew they needed total darkness for the 12+ hours but didn't know that going in the room for watering and reg maintenance on them would be setting me back. They're growing in an enclosed 6'x12' room in my barn and have zero light leaks. It was the ceiling lights I'd turn on to see what I'm doing, not the Grow lights, but now I know that still messes with them.
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