Have I killed my seeds?

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  1. I germinated 5 feminized Himalaya Gold seeds 6 days ago, and once their root had emerged I planted them 1/4" deep in 5 individual cups. No sprouts have come above the soil but I have a much bigger problem. When I went to move one of the 5 cups I knocked over one of them and had to search through the dirt to try and save my runaway seed. Once I found it, it looked exactly the same as when I had planted it. This got me to thinking about checking the other seeds, and as I brushed away the top layer of dirt, I noticed all the other seeds had not changed at all. Each taproot is the same size and I'm thinking I may have made a very expensive mistake. They have had enough heat, light, and moisture according to what information I have gathered, could I of drowned my seeds in the germinating process somehow? (paper towel method)
  2. is your soil moist/damp? they should be in darkness untill they sprout
  3. The soil is moist with a plastic bag over each cup to keep moisture in... The seeds were originally germinated in darkness then transferred to the soil. Should I shut off my lights until they sprout from the surface?
  4. thats what i did are they warm?

  5. Doesn´t actually matter if they are in dark or light. But once you see green - give them light.

  6. That^^^^and NEVER EVER dig for your seeds as long as there is hope!

  7. wait, my seeds only just got their tiny tap root, when the root become half an inch and i put them in a propagator should i keep it outside in the sun in the day and in my cupboard at night, or just in darkness all the time
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  8. No, the paper towel method would not drown your seeds. If anything, damage to the taproot can occur due to mishandling; this problem can be exacerbated by digging them up, hence why leapfrog said not to dig them up if there is hope.

    As stated, they don't need light before breaking the soil, but I always leave mine on b/c I prefer the soil to dry out faster (I use a 400w MH). It sounds like you may have too much moisture around the seed. Remove the plastic bag to keep moisture trapped in--it isn't necessary and it can spoil your soil if you spend too long trying to get them to break the surface. Keep the top layer of the soil moist and allow it to almost dry out before spraying again (should not take long for the top of the soil to dry out). Don't drown them.
  9. Patience would be the key here. Keep everything warm " 70's F room temp " and all will be fine.

    Good luck and good growing.

  10. Dude...I already previously answered that question of yours about 1/2 dozen times in a handful threads...


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