Have i gone crazy?

Discussion in 'General' started by PintyHet, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. I need to run something buy you guys. I've had this friend for like 3 years and we are realy good palls but lately i've been noticing some things that realy bother me. ima run them past ya'll and see if me being upset makes sense.

    He smokes alllll meh weed, everytime i get some here he comes..and he's made like 3 new friends that are just like him so now its like a swarm of locust . He and his 3 new friends are all our cities version of small time gangstas and it looks like they are slowly turning hard core(cant say anymore on that ehhe) and it looks like he's going with them. Also i get the feeling when i get invited places he just needed a ride there and i happen to have a car..
    like the other day i wanted to go hang out with my chick friend and he's like eh sure but lets go by my house first..then he makes some phone calls. then its eh lets go to leroys place for a little bit(all names are made up). I damn well knew if we went there i was never going to see my chick friend but i humord him anyway..when i get there i find out he was just trying to hook someone up with crack...and i'm like hell no then they asked for a ride and i was like HEEELL no and left cuz it was like 12am by then and i never get to go hang out with my friend not to mention i know damn better than to be around that kinda dealing.
    about a week later they ask if they can grow freaking shrooms in my house!(they didnt tell me untill i got there what they wanted cuz they knew i wouldnt want to do it). now this is the kinda guy where its just better not to say no becasue he will never shut up about it(example: no you cannot grow shrooms in my house: his response: *pissy* WHY not? can you give me a logical reason? blah blah blah). so i told them yes just to avoid gettting hassled but a few days later i was like..yeh know this bites ima tell them to piss off. so i call him up and he gets all pissy because i said no and that was the end of it(if i gave him a reason he would have sat there and argued about it for hours) and he hung up on me. Also before this he was like nooo its just for us to use we wont sell any then about a week later he was trying to bribe me talking about the money they were going to make(not going to sell any eh bitches?)

    so now he calls everynow and then and tries to bribe me and tells my friends i just snapped on him and his little crew for no reason...am i crazy for wanting to be rid of them?
  2. doesnt sound like much of a friend to me...youre not crazy, dont let him use you anymore for rides or growing shrooms at your hosue if you say no, why doesnt he just do it at his house if he wants to so badly?!
  3. He doesnt seem like a great friend if he's only using you for rides...and saying shit behind your back. Id say get rid of them, they sound like they dont respect you at all, and you dont need friends like that.

    And about the him smokin your weed...you can always refuse. I like to smoke people up once in awhile, but if it got to the point where its always me suppling the dope...well, Id ask him to either throw in, or go get his own weed. And then Id smoke a fat blunt to myself and blow the smoke in his face, and say "Get high off that, motherfucker", followed by a deadly karate chop to the skull.
  4. ahem......... fuck that bitch if hes dealen crack u dont even want to know him u dont even KNOW the diffrence of being cought with a little bud compared to a couple rocks. thats a whole nother game my friend just tell that little gangsta bitch to fuck off... stay friends with him only on a bowl MATCHING basis... otherwise id stick to no hes not sounding like that good a friend and i think its time u 2 moved on
  5. Yeah man... that's not really a friend. My friends always offer to pay me when I smoke them up and I always tell them there's no need. Even though I always say they don't need to, they always offer.

    Some of my friends and I have tried other drugs, but we usually decide as a group if its good or not (which can be hard sometimes) but if one of us does crack, and the others don't like what it does to him, then we say so, and we've never had MAJOR arguments come from it.

    We're always concerned about each other.

    Thats friendship, man.
  6. buddy u put it as well as ive ever seen anyone say it...
  7. "If i know I'm going crazy
    I must not be insane"

    that guy sounds pretty stupid, just start telling him that.
  8. Well that was interesting...eh no little sproite at my house and he got his own car and such only talk to him like once a month or so now. i dont even know oh well did something i guess... thanks for all the replies guys =)
  9. throw him out of your car into the street where crackhead belong

    ..what a dick, ya dude turining "hardore" is fucking gay. id hate to see friends move on from mj and maybe a little shrooms to crack

    iits happend be fore ..good times with mary jane then next thing you no "ya baby smoke these chrystal meth, snort his yayo, roll this ecstacy, drink the bottle of dxm, pop these ocs, shoootup some herion, drink this bottle of jack daniels, huff this aerosal, pcpc mutha fucak, k-hole baby!"

    lol hes in my cell under the name joe camel, cause whenever i think of him i see that picture of joe camel sitting in a hospital bed or a coffin ..LOL sad but true

    edit: no offense to any of you who do any of those ..but doing all of those ..eh. espieacly when it happens to somebody that was just oh so great on mj.

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