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Have I filled this right?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dirtybuddhadawg, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Never used a piece like this, but do I have water in the right places guys? Haha. Just the bottom? both? good as is?
  2. Looks about perfect.
    Maybe jiggle the johnson valve a little to get the caneuter gasket lubricated and you will get a little more efficiency.
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    I don't see a picture. Once a picture is posted we can help you. Usually you just need enough water to cover the bottom of the down stem. If you add too much water then, you may need your rocker panels adjusted. Once your rocker panels are adjusted properly then you have to keep an eye on your fire wall. A broken fire wall  will cause a lot of heat in the cabin and it may affect your stereo settings.
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    Make sure your temperature gage doesn't drop below 140 or your bud will experience the rapid growth of food-born illnesses.

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  5. yup you're all set.

  6. No. You have way too much water in it according to the pic you posted.
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  7. Well, second "wtf" post of the day
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  8. you know you actually have to UPLOAD the pictures for us to see it right?

    they dont just magically appear because you typed a sentance about it

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