Have I Diognosed My leaf correctly?

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  1. watering today and I noted a few leaves starting to discolour. I went over to the deficiency page on gwe.com and I think it's the start of iron def?
    I added 5ml cal mag to 6ml water and gave them their useuall 3lts each.

    There was just one sticking above and a few below the canopy.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. Ok. I do all my diagnosis from memory and these selection of charts

    cannabis deficiency - Google Search

    You get charts of early under/over feeding running though to late stage. Take particular notice of the vains in tge leaf an colour pattern. You will be surprised how accurate it is
  3. Thanks, charts great! It looks like N def by the pic but im sure it can't be. Coming up to the end of the second week of 12/12. I still fed N (ff grow big) Sunday and I even put a little more in as it was the last time. I'll monitor closely over the next few days, no sign really at the top just a few hidden so maybe it's that, Just this 1 poped up through. We'll see

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