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Have I caused any damage?/Cancer possible?/Increased Chance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Poura, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. So i started smoking last year in june or so and since then have smoked like 15 times maybe a little more. I have smoken jays every time except for twice only a few times have i had a full jay most just sharing. I have smoked 1 full blunt and one time with a blunt we shared and i took edibles once but also smoked a little that night too (1 or 2 hits )

    Do i have a chance of getting lung cancer?
    Im rly nervous and im never touching weed again cause i googled it and it says it bad for you if you do it alot especially blunts which i have only done twice
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  2. yer ok bud :passtheshit:
  3. been smokin heavy 17 years and still cancer free
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  4. Even blunts? Heard there bad for you ahab but i guess not even 2 of them is nothing aha.

    Its just im kind if worried vause i may godivision 1 for a sport and dont want ro get messed up
  5. Im just rly nervous n paranoid :(
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  6. You're going to die one day OP. That's for sure. The reaper comes for us all, no way around that. The hows and whys are things we don't get to know about ahead of time.
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  7. I know but, with what i have done with the weed hasnt done any damage to me or cause any danage correct?
  8. even blunts youngun ;)
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  9. Of course it has. Everything we do takes its' toll on us. It's all part of the process and it all goes into the mix. Who knows when or why you're going to die? Nobody here. People who have never inhaled smoke of any kind get lung cancer every day. Will you get lung cancer? Maybe. Will it be because you smoked weed? Maybe. But also maybe not. Instead of thinking about why and how you are going to die, I urge you to realize that you are in fact alive and to think about how and why you are alive instead of how and why you will die.
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  10. Way to make me feel depressed lol.

    Just saying that smoking not even 2 blunts will have any permanent affects along with just smoming weed once in a while wknt have ant effects either tho.
  11. I heard if you charbroil your steaks you can get cancer. Some things are just worth it.
  12. OP, you will be fine. If you smoked cigarettes I would urge you to stop. But it's just weed and a couple blunts. There's so many famous people who have been smoking weed for decades (snoop dogg, cheech marin, Tommy chong, Willie nelson, etc). Do they all have lung cancer? No. Shit, snoop smokes blunt after blunt after blunt and he is totally fine.
    I don't understand why no one brings up the tons of celebrities who openly smoke weed and yet are still successful, motivated, kind (maybe), and healthy people when arguing some of the effects of smoking weed long term.

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  13. If you have concerns about your health, the best place to find answers is likely not a weed forum filled with people who aren't medical professionals. If you believe you are damaging your health with anything, weed or something else, you'd want to talk to people who are medical professionals, or read the research and decide for yourself.
  14. I wouldnt know where to go and you guys obviously jave alot of experience

    Obviously i havent been smoking for long and i havent even done it that mucj but, is there any possibility of any damage being done
    I think im gonna stick to edibles though just want to check on this topic.
  15. Edibles can give you stomach cancer. One of the worst ways to go by far. I would rather die from a massive heart attack than die a slow and miserable death from that

    Hey maybe I'm wrong.
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  16. If you're that concerned about lung cancer
    buy a vaporizer. Edibles are a good solution too.

    As for smoking two blunts in your lifetime,
    don't sweat it. You'll be fine.
  17. Proof?
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