Have i been depressed my whole life?

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  1. Hello, i think ive been depressed most of my life and im just now realizing it. Ok when i was a little kid all i did was play on the computer all day and think nothing of it. When i would hang out with my friends they always said i bitch a lot and had a bad attittude. Now that i look back i was kind of an asshole and ive always been like that. Also i have weird ass thoughts and i dont think in the moment very well. I always end up regretting what i did. Its like im 2 people in 1 i make decisions with 1 then regret and stress about those decisions with the other. I need help i can barely sleep cus of the chatter in my head
  2. Schizophrenia I tinhk you hvae.
  3. Dude, go seek professional help. If you even think there is something wrong, you need it. Depression is serious stuff man, and if there's other stuff going on? Don't fear it, they are there to help you.
  4. 1. Exercise, go for a jog every morning, get OUTSIDE

    2. Try not to think about stuff, if you find yourself thinking "depressing" thoughts, just stop thinking, close your eyes, and sit still for a few minutes. If that doesn't work, GO OUTSIDE and just look around at the beauty and how lucky you are to experience it.

    3. Read some GOOD books, classics are great. Go to the library and I'm sure the librarian can give you good suggestions. Tell them you're feeling a little down and need some good books to lift your spirit.

    4. If that doesn't work, I suppose you could seek "professional help"... I hate to recommend taking any kind of prescription pills though because in the end it will just make it worse, guaranteed.
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    Thanks for ur advice i did feel better when i had a gym membership but i cant afford it now also i cant rly stop those depressing thoughts they cant go away thats the main reason i cant sleep and i did get prescribed pills but they made my depression worse which made me think about my whole life and i realized ive been depressed for a while
  6. You don't need a gym membership to work out dude. Running is free, pushups are free, sit ups are free, pulls ups are free. Don't make excuses, that's how you stay trapped.

    "I can't stop being depressed, because I'm depressed"


    "I can stop being depressed because it's my choice! I'm going to go for a run!"

    Everything is a choice man, remember that and you'll do wonders. :smoke:
  7. What he said is spot on! Working out doesn't cost money, just the access to equipment does. Running will open them endorphins right up and should help your status.

    Meds will not help very much.. just make you feel weird. Being more active is a big help if not the biggest..

    Try eating A TON of fruits and veggies. Do not cook the veggies though. Proper nutrients can balance you out. Look for a good multivitamin with Niacin.

    They have this stuff called 5-HTP at any nutrition store and that balances and spreads your serotonin out in your brain.

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