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  1. Well last week my plant was having the problems of slow stunted growth, yellowing around the edges of the lower/middle plant leaves. My leaves were having ram horn issues as well as the folded leave issue. Some drooped down some went up. I had originally had no nutes at all added when the yellowing signs first showed up. I then added 1/4 nutes but with all the advice I got that it looked like it was burning I flushed. Well 5 days after doing that and the problem still getting worse I did add 1/4 nutes. Nothing has helped at this point. I can't seem to diagnose this. My plant shows so many types of problems I can't tell if its heat stress, under nute, over nute (not sure how the signs showed up originally since no nutes were given and they were 3 weeks old), or some other weird problem. Plants are all around 5.5-7 inches tall.

    Visual symptoms:
    - Yellow around edges of leaves middle/lower half
    - completely yellowing leaves on lower half (may be to lack of light)
    - crispy little tips at the end of the leaves now (looks like nute burn now)
    - folded up leaves and curled under ram horn leaves
    - purplish stem color (stems coming off main stalk and some side ones too)
    - brown dead spots on lower leaves
    - new growth is starting to have a light yellow coloring
    - stunted growth

    Strain: White Widow (annoying little shit to grow)
    box: 2.5x3.5x5 ft sectioned into two boxes in the middle, growing in top half (will be receiving a tent next week).
    medium: 1 gal grow bags in FFOF soil from the start
    light: 400 watt hps 17/7 hanging 1 ft away with fan blowing on plant
    watering: every 3-4 days depending on weight and finger test
    ph: 6.5-7 when I pour in, runoff is almost always the same.
    age: just over a month old. Was hoping to start flowering now but I do not want to with these problems going on.
    Temp/humidity: 78-85 degrees with humidity around 50%

    Any ideas you can throw at me I would love to hear.

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