Have Democrats adopted a version of the Cloward-Piven Strategy?

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    So what do you guys think is Obama purposely expanding the welfare state to further our collapse through unmanageable debt and thus bring into being a new economic system?

    Edited: Because the libertarian dudes comments were distracting from the topic of the thread.
  2. "Barack Hussein Obama"
    "Devout Muslim"
    "Social Chaos"
    "Don't be fooled"
    "Communism, socialism, marxism"
    "The destruction of capitalism"
    "the time to fight is now"

    No fear-mongering there!
  3. Why the fuck should you get a paycheck for doing nothing? That policy is a lazy bastards dream.

  4. Its their human right man! Dontcha know?
  5. Well, this goes to show that Libertarians can say stupid shit too.
  6. I usually love to read your posts, and as much as i hate Obama, that articles something right out of the fox news handbook. Is he a corrupt war mongering incompetent liar? Sure. Devote muslim marxist trying to bring down America? Maybe not. But then again i only made it to "As Glenn Beck correctly predicted" before i couldn't read any more.

    @ Fried while i agree to an extent, because welfare makes up such a small percent of wasted money and actually does help certain people its not nearly as big a deal as many people make it out to be.
  7. I have edited the Libertarian VP's comments out of the thread, because they were over the top, and distracting.

    To clarify the Cloward-Piven is a real strategy devised in the 60s, it was not created by Obama, but there are some striking similarities in the Democratic Party platform and the cloward-piven strategy.
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    Much better. I dont think Obama is smart enough or arrogant enough to even try to attempt this. I think his welfare policy was just a tactic to score votes and popularity so people would side with him and ignore the bigger issues. If his plan is to corrupt the current economic system and replace it with a new one, what do you think it would be? Also i dont see how america will get out of their rediculous debt so a collapse may be imminent without obamas help.
  9. To present another side to this, here is an article written by Frances Fox Piven (of Cloward-Piven).

    From her point of view, this entire connection between her research and Obama was stirred up, manufactured controversy started by Glenn Beck.

    Crazy Talk and American Politics: or, My Glenn Beck Story - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
  10. Most politicians do not care about the consequences of deficit financing, discretionary spending. They are like a rich kid with their parents' credit card. They just want stuff right now.

    I do not think they are consciously doing this, they are just that inept.

  11. Uhh this did not make me feel better at all.

    Another quote from the article.

    A guaranteed income would in fact destroy any last vestiges of capitalism in America. Not to mention the cost of giving everyone a "free" lunch. The fact that she wants educators to spread her message as she says in the end and is published in this higher education journal just makes me even more uneasy.

    BTW I am not saying that she or her partner are the "puppetmasters" just that the true puppetmasters have read her strategy and MAYBE adopted a few points from it.

  12. Hard to say, when Republicans are in power they take away our liberties in the name of National Security, when democrats are in power they take away our economic rights. But with Obama he is taking away rights using National Security and through economics.

    How could anyone think we could afford Obamacare when we are already collapsing under our own debt? Its hard to me when I see leaders adding more and more money onto a bill we can't pay. Then when the whole thing collapses they will blame capitalism and implement an even more obvious command economy. with corporations like GE becoming indestructible companies that are too big to fail and get their own guaranteed income.

  13. The bigger point is that there is zero connection between her and Obama, that the connection was entirely fabricated by Glenn Beck, via Fox News.

    Remember, just last week, you said this:


  14. There is no physical direct connection between Mises and Ron Paul yet he still has a lot of influence on Ron and his ideas. Same thing goes for Obama and the democrats with cloward-Pliven. Like I've said previously I do not think they have met each other. I am not advocating Glenn Beck's theory, I've never even heard it before.
    There are some remarkable similiarities between the Cloward Piven strategy and what is going in D.C. today.

    And who says this news is anything to fear? I am sure many liberals would be ecstatic to hear of Obama pushing a guaranteed income. The only people who might fear such a strategy are liberty lovers like libertarians and those with money who would probably be taxed at a higher rate to pay for this.

    I might as well be talking about Christmas morning for 50% of the country. Americans love receiving other peoples money.

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