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Have crackheads even done this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ra1nMan, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Idk why I'm posting in apprentice tokers, I think its cause i like this forum. Anyways, I took like a sharp skinny object and poked it through my pipe inside it and scraped out all the resin I could and then put it into the bowl. Also scraped resin from bowl into the bottom of the bowl. Like I found some nasty scary shit in the depths of my dirty pipe.

    And no, that sharp skinny object I used was not my penis. Any1 done this?
  2. No shit
  3. I didn't think of your penis when you said the sharp skinny object...
  4. Yes, people scrape resin when their dry. Pretty common.
  5. Sounds painful.
  6. is this a crack pipe your talking about?
  7. He was metaphorically speaking..
  8. lmao oh i dont really get that o-o
  9. resin scraping? yes, people do this all the time...they are called poor people hahahaha, jk. i don't scrape resin or some it because its really just a cheap headache for me. although my roommate has put a little bit of weed, resin, and just a pinch of tobacco in a joint, burns slow as hell and gets you ripped, the tobacco helps it smoke nice and straight. that's the only thing ill use resin for.
  10. Crackheads do a lot nastier things for a fix than scrape a bowl.
  11. Well, obviously there is only one explanation for this...You are a...CRACKHEAD!:cool:

  12. This thread isn't about crack, though :confused:
  13. ive never smoked crack before...except crack rocks! which i gave to these toddlers i saw down the street, then i proceeded to publicly masturbate until i visited orchard supply to purchase a few things. just ended up getting a few personal things for things ive been doing recently..picked up a chainsaw, shovel, and 47 dildos. and no 46 were black not all of them.

  14. wow man. so one needs to report your post not this thread.:eek:
  15. I took it as him saying crackhead metaphorically since it's scraping their weed pipe for resin to get high which can be seen as being desperate to some people.
  16. Pretty much this.

    wunch, you're the one that turned it into a thread about crack, lol.

    And now since like, three or four posts have been about it, this thread WILL probably be deleted lol.

    OP: Scrape your pipe, that doesn't make you a fiend.
  17. yes this was about weed, you people are dumb.

  18. Ahh I see, maybe he did. He didn't word it very well, if he meant that he should have asked more like "Do addicts or fiends do this, or is it cool/normal to scrape your pipe" blah blah
  19. No, you just need to work on your English skills, you asked if crackheads scraped their pipes.... Crackheads smoke crack.....

    You should have asked if this would make you look like a fiend, or an addict.... Not a crackhead, because how does smoking anything but crack make one look like a crackhead?

    Neg repped for name calling.

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