Have anyone's pets [DOG or CAt] ever get sick ??

Discussion in 'Pets' started by 430GOGO, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. :( i use to have this cat name '' puff ''it's like my son ..and i started to grow in my

    place..after the second crops .puff starts to get sick..first eye build up scabs and within a

    month it's spary out all to it's paws.and ears ..seems really itchy and rad...me and my gf

    at the time were all tearing up for him.. bring him to the doctor's spend over 3000$ for all

    the test and midication care..but in the end ..have to give it away. sigh...:(

    during the 2 crops i had pets grass hopper and lil mildew problem..also i got carpet floor

    at the side. during grow puff were not leting into the grow room.

    so are we allow pets to runing around in the grow show ????

  2. I don't have any experience with pets near my grow, but I absolutely cannot see what would be causing the problem, especially if the pets aren't let near the grow.
    Let's think here:
    Plant odor, lighting, soils, fertilizers. What could be making the cat sick? Did the doc give you any ideas?

    It's probably an allergy, or sickness unrelated to your grow.
  3. My cats try to eat my plants every chance they get. They love the big shade leaves so I have to keep it off limits to them. But, over the years they have eaten more than their fair share (hell, they think it's a salad bar!) but they have never become sick. Just fat.
  4. My dad was setting up the electric fence for my golden doodle and accidentally shocked the dog 3 or 4 times today on accident before realizing he was even getting shocked. We all felt so bad after but he is alright and I think he already forgot about it after a long walk.
  5. I dont think anything from the grow made the cat sick. Like others said, I have seen cats chow on plants with no real side effects (other than laziness). But I still think its best to keep animals out of the room. Why take a chance with either?

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