Have any of you guys and gals ever consumed feces....?

Discussion in 'General' started by Foniac, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Because I think I know what it would be like.

    Two days ago I was smoking a cig, and blew a few puffs of smoke into a half full bottle of diet coke.

    I capped it, and forgot about it.

    Just now, I reached for it and took a swig.

    Oh....sweet Jesus, Mary, and Joseph I'm coming home.

  2. LMFAO!!!!...... *sigh* oh god... :cool:

  3. No I have not consumed feces.
  4. Once... but don't make fun of me, I was only 8 months old. Seriously.
  5. and you remmeber this??

  6. same no idea how old I was but i wanted to see what it tasted like...

    I also pooped in my moms stomach when i was a baby im pretty sure i got a good amount of that in my system
  7. LMFAO!!!! wow... dd tha docter tell you that? how tha hell would you know if you pooped in your moms woumb not stomich btw... but damn... iddnt even know you shit when your in there... lmfao

  8. No, I don't remember, but my parents walked in and I had shit hanging out of my mouth and on my fingers... That's how I know. I bet you it was my dumbass brother who stuck it in my mouth. He stuck a whole bottle of vasoline in my hair when I was about a year old. My dad washed my hair 6 times to no avail. Mom was pissed.
  9. hahahaha
  10. omfg that sucks
  11. lol! my friend has him doing it on tape.:hello:

  12. this .7grames about to be tourched goes to u.....
  13. Yah... I couldn't just knowingly eat shit :) There was a kid at my highschool who ate some shit I think. For some reason he thinks people will think he is hardcore and the chics will dig him. They don't.
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
  15. I get the feeling that you are laughing at my misfortune :(
  16. i see it now him at party all hammerd up HEY BABE ONE TIME I ATE SHIT.:p
  17. Well... You are pretty much right. He wears it around like a badge. Him and his buddies do stupid shit and they think they are hardcore. One kid named himself Craig C Wild.... That is the dumbest name ever. He then takes it a step further and gets CCW tattooed on his lower stomach. He doesn't understand that now he has to live with that horrible mistake the rest of his life. Once he turns about 30 he will realize how childish and stupid that name was. Hell, that reality will probably strike him when he starts college.
  18. I saw a video once on youtube.. some kid at a party ate shit off a spoon with some carmel on it or something. Fuckin nasty as hell and I don't want to search it up because i DON'T want to see it again!

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