have any of you ever abused xtc before

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by peachcigar, May 26, 2009.

  1. and how long did you do it for because I have been doing it every weekend for like 3 months
  2. yea boy, i bout a bag of 100 for $600 last year down in tenn most were double stacked but i had atleast ten that weren't had pistols on them and they were white to off white the best in the bag however. The others where green w/ infiniti symbols (like car company) and Orange ones w/ bacardi bats plus bunch of purple ones forgot logo ran out of them first but i'd pop 4 or 5 at a time on certain days and the night i got the bag i took each different kind plus some toward the next morn (shit loads of 10mg valium and 1mg kpins mixed was just trying to chill) killed a 24 case with my boy, all nighter and next day fucked. shits def not good for you considering you don't know exactly what's in each pill. could be pcp, caffeine, or anything. Mdma is what you're seeking when buying xtc pills) but pcp is a good surprise lol think those orange ones had some in them cause i would get closed eye visuals while riding with my boy in the whip with the system bumpin'. nevertheless good times. after that binge i haven't even fucked with x and it's been around. stick to the Powda tuss and weed
  3. Yah, sophmore year was my e year. Multiple times a week, on school nights etc. Regretable because it dosen't work so good now.
  4. I'd slow down on that shit and start pre-loading on 5-HTP if you plan on doing this 'routine' with ecstasy.

    Be careful and have fun,
  5. Yeah. When you hit 3 times a week then your whole life just goes... MEH
  6. I can't imagine abusing it, I took a gram of molly and 6 doses over the course of this fri, sat, and sunday, and by Sunday the molly hardly did anything (still rolled for a little) and the doses (real good) did almost nothing but give me a body high. Abusing psycs is stupid.
  7. you know how they say that X "burns holes in your brain?"

    while that's not accurate, it DOES *literally* burn your dopamine and seratonin transmitters/receptors. Why don't you look into what doing damage to incredibly sensitive parts of your brain does for you in the long run, son.
  8. I just finished my first year of college, and I rolled every weekend from December through to March before I caught myself and stopped. :hello:I've only rolled once since then. It was worth every minute of it to me, so I don't regret it, but I don't plan on ever doing it that much again. Plus it's way better when your tolerance is lower.
  9. wow, dude, slow down on the 'E'
    you're not going to have the magic for much longer at that rate
    fuckin' your serotonin receptors up too! gotta give em more time in between rolls!
    why do people gotta pop rolls all the time!? it's a drug designed to be used occasionally!
  10. I became addicted to it last summer. Pretty much did it every single chance i could, like every 2 days, getting up to 6 pills at a time.
    Was the most fun ive ever had, but ive slowed down, only need to take 2-3 to have a good roll going now, thank god i was able to get rid of my tolerance.
    i still <3 thizzzzz
  11. definitely never hit the level most of u dudes got to
    but for about 5-6 weeks straight I was rollin multiple pills a week about 2 days a week

    during that time I lost a lot of weight, had a lot of headaches, and felt like shit in the middle of the week

    Definitely try and put some time between your rolls... It makes it even better
    I havent rolled in about a month and am goin to this weekend at a rave (showtek) so Im super excited and I kno its gonna be a good one
  12. Junior year of high school I rolled everyyyy other dayyyy for about three and a half months. I was incredibly depressed and self-medicating with E which obviously didn't work out very well in the long run seeing as how that kinda use kinda destroys your ability to feel happiness, haha.

    Five years later, at 22, I've done it maybe three times in the past two years. It's infinitely better when you space out your rolls.
  13. id chill with the rolls man, iv seen kids who have done what you are doing and they have changed.. noticeable amounts

    u dont wanna become an e-tard
  14. I did it everyday- every second day for a whole summer.
  15. Winter Break i went on a upper binge, Adderall everyday(about90mg), had some coke a few nights, tried meth, and had 10 rolls thoughout the week...Let me tell you, it ain't good in the end. And you wont realize till it's too late. Just chill on the rolls
  16. A friend of mine was doing E every other day for about 2 months, along with DXM every other day. After only 2 months he had completely changed, he is borderline retarded. When you talk to him, he will turn to look at you, and his mouth is halfway open, and hes just sitting there giggling, even though the story could be completely serious. He is so far gone he acts like he is ripped 24/7, its extremely hard to even carry a conversation with him.

    Whats even sadder is that he spaces out ridiculous amounts... Ask him to play rock paper scissors and hell just keep playing and just zone out, you could be playing for 2 hours straight and he wouldnt notice.

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