Have any of you been to a shrink?

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  1. I've decided with my mom that I should start seeing one. This past year (my first year of college), I've been quite anxious and depressed at times, and I just can't seem to shake it. I've lost a lot of confidence in myself, and I'm just not the person I used to be. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you had been and if you found it helpful. Also, how does the whole confidentiality thing work? Surprisingly, even though I've been smoking since I was 16, my parents are still completely oblivious... I know that psychologists are supposed to be receptive and non-judgemental, but who knows what would actually happen in practice? Oh yeah, and is it weird that I want to become a clinical psychologist myself (majoring in psychology)? I never thought I'd be seeing one... I guess it'll be good to see what actually happens.

    tl;dr - share your experiences with shrinks
  2. I went to one when I was 18, summer after high school. I was having panic attacks that would make my entire right half go numb and I was super anxious could hardly sleep or eat or do anything. I was being a little bitch really, just scared of change and experiencing life, fully blame my parents for this, but that's another story.

    Yea he was a cool dude. First few sessions I talked about my past and was 100% honest about dreams, thoughts, child hood experiences, etc. It helped me a lot but we were too poor for me to keep going after a month or so and my parents are fucks that thought I just needed to stop worrying so much, so due to their snide comments and whatnot I stopped going and everything kind of worked out in the end.

    Honestly, I believe everyone should see a therapist, its can't hurt and it will definitely help if you air out your true emotions and thoughts to another human.
  3. I had to go to one when my dad was going through his second divorce. me and my step mom didnt get along. i hated the bitch. i dont think it really did anything for me though. i suppose you have to want the help though. i didnt really care for it. as far as privacy goes. you could literally tell them whatever you want. i did, and my parents werent any the wiser to what i had been doing in my free time lol.
  4. My parents forced me to go to three different guys before I turned 18. Never really spoke to anyone, never felt I could trust them. Plus I have a very hard time opening up to anyone. So yeah they never did anything for me. Tried to put me on Prozac and Wellbutrin a couple times, I said fuck that and never took the pills.

    Now I'm an antisocial loner who sits at home all day every day, living with my dad and I fucking hate it. My dad seems to be going crazy, he's not who he used to be imo. Neither am I. I suppose I should go see one again but I still feel like I can't trust any of them and like I said I hate opening up to people.
  5. I saw a therapist a couple years ago. I had a hard time dealing with stress and anxiety, partly due to the fact that my father is an alcoholic asshole. She was cool. She had these awesome glass beads and would always let me make bracelets. It sounds really gay, but it actually helped me feel more comfortable sharing my most personal thoughts and feelings with a complete stranger. I told her that I smoked, and she never told a soul (that I know of). She was actually pretty cool about it and told me she'd rather I smoke than do something <more> destructive. :)
    And I don't think it's weird at all that you want to be a shrink and are going to see one. Actually, it makes perfect sense that you want to solve your own mental problems before trying to help others with theirs.
  6. Yep. I just finished 6 months with my therapist. I had some depression issues and I was realllllly nervous at first, but he really helped me see things in a different light. Swear he was a toker...he was all about chilling and not taking things personally. It was all about the other person and not myself. Help me out a ton.
  7. when i was in 7th grade i stole a bike from my old elementary school and my mom found out and made me take it back and they told the cops and the parents of the kid who owned the bike said it was like 200 bucks or some shit. so they said i had to go do community service and then see a therapist or whatever.

    so that was like 7 weeks of stupid shit. the lady would come to the house and basically just talk about my school for an hour every week. but then i fucked up some more and just before i was finished with that i ended up getting caught stealing CDs from target.

    so then thse sessions picked up more. and then cuz there was shit going on between me and my mom and my sister and my mom, we ended up doing a family therapy. i hated the shit. i mean the lady was fine, she was nice.

    just that i hated having to go and sit there and talk about the same shit all the fucking time. just end up saying that my mom yells at me for stupid shit and is way lazy and calls me from across the house. then i walk all the way there and she tells me to get her something from the kitchen which i was just there watching tv in the living room.

    then i started getting wise to her bullshit and started telling her no and then ended up telling her to fuck off and do it herself. so she would bring that up in her private session and then i would get asked about it and how that made me feel.

    i got to a point where i was like im just gonna waste my moms money and i would sit there for the first 20 minutes in complete silence and just stare at the wall. then the remaining time i would say yeah whatever, this is a waste of time.

    then i decided one day that im just not gonna go, and then when my mom dropped me off at the office i walked up to the elevator and then just walked like 4 miles home. and thank god i got home before Dragonball Z came on.

    and she was like why did you leave and not go, i said cuz i just sit there and do nothing anyways so why would you pay for me to just sit in silence and nothing gets worked out anyways.

    so then i just avoided my mom from then on cuz she was the instigator of most fights and i almost hit her once. only reason i didnt was cuz i knew that i was so mad that i would actually hurt her and then i would be in big trouble.
  8. Wow, thank you guys for the feedback. I'm hoping that I will be able to open up. I want to talk these things through. Interesting stories.
  9. Damn astro that sucks, but my douche bag side just wants to laugh that you were happy you got home before DBZ came on.

  10. Lol truth. And yeah astro, sounds like you would write a damn good memoir. That's a rather interesting tale. Sounds pretty heartbreaking though... :(
  11. My best friend died in a car crash last october and I went (not by my choice) to a shrink. All he did was made me cry, which I guess is worth the crazy amount of money you pay them :rolleyes:
  12. yeah i remember a lot of things in my life, even what day they happened. like that day i ditch my session was a wednesday. and the episode of DBZ was when piccolo died on namek. i was happy i caught that one.

    but my life story would be very thick, and im only 24.
  13. No, but I hear they're awesome.
  14. yeah i used to see a psychologist and a doctor for something that happened to me that was very traumatic. the place that i went to was called 'the mental health team' or someshit like that, the walls were painted bright yellow. the doctor was there to prescribe medication that would help me with the issues that i had and the psychologist would sit there and just listen as i would talk to the doctor and occasionally say something when she felt the need.

    i used to hate going to them with a passion, at first they couldnt find the right medication to help me. i dont remember the names of the pills they gave me but some of em gave me the worst nightmares i've ever had in my life, so terrifying i would wake up and not wanna go back to sleep. other medications gave me this incredible feeling of energy, once i painted my house in like 2 hours while i was on the shit. anyway they eventually got around to finding the right medication that worked for me and i've been on it for about a year and a half.

    i ended up going to them for 2 years, my mom would sometimes come in with me and give a second opinion to them on how i was going. i would tell them most things, i told them i smoked weed and how i was feeling. they would write down everything i said word for word, also the clothes that i was wearing that day. they would also switch doctors every 3 months or so, so that you wouldnt form a bond with a doctor and it would keep the doctor-patient relationship professional.

    common questions they would ask are:
    1. 'have you had any suicidal thoughts, thoughts of harming yourself'
    2. 'do you ever get so angry that you want to hurt someone'
    3. 'do you believe that you have special powers or that you can do something better than anyone else'
    4. 'do you believe that anyone else can control your body or read your mind'
    5. 'do you ever watch tv and think that they are talking directly to you, or that they are sending messages specially for you'

    they would ask these questions over and over again every single time i went there, if i didnt go to their appointments that they made they would be obliged to come to my house and take me to the hospital with FORCE if needed.

    i got out of going to them by saying i wanted my GP to treat me instead, to prescribe the medication and because i was doing so well for so long and they agreed.
  15. Therapy can help alot if it's your choice, and are willing to be COMPLETELY honest with your Doc.

    Most all Therapists have their own;):smoking:
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    I always felt like a lab rat when they would try out different medicines. Don't be afraid to look for a new person if the first one doesn't work out. You have to click with them and feel comfortable,if not then it won't be successful.

    I never liked it. I always just felt like an experiment,like I knew why they were asking the questions they were asking. Didn't feel natural,but like I said maybe that person just wasn't my person.

    Good luck.


    I also forgot to mention that I am bi-polar so its a lot harder to get me on anti depressants. They have to like mix a cocktail of anti psychotics. Your medication experience (if any you may just need to talk) shouldn't be as difficult as mine was.
  17. Been to a few.
    Never trusted any.
    Going to none, now.
  18. I see one for my heroin addiction. I find it very helpful as long as you're willing to spill your guts to this person. Confidentiality is always in effect unless you want to commit a violent crime on someone or harm yourself. Its theraputic but thats what its suppose to be about. As long as you're willing and open minded it will help tremendously.
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    i always feel better after i talk to my therapist. i don't tell him every little thing going on in my life, but i do tell him a lot. its nice having someone i can complain/bitch to about life.

    i like to be open and tell people how i feel, but i fear what they will think of me (even you guys here, i hold a lot back). so its nice having at least one person to talk to, that i don't worry about what there going to think.

    he told me the other day he thinks i should look into moving to another state to get a med card.

    (btw. i was really nervous about going at first, my anxiety was getting to me really bad, and i wanted to say fuck it and go home. but 10 min after being there, i was glad i didn't back out. i was really surprised how much i told him in my first session)
  20. When I was 14 some shit went down and I had to move down with my father for a while(hate the bastard). I was currently living with my mom and seeing him only on occasions.

    He tried pullin' some shit tryin' to get full custody of me and it didn't work out so we had a "family mediator" assigned by the courts. The bitch was totally one sided towards my father, Julie was her name. To this day I think my father paid her off to be on his side but that's beside the point. I started fuckin' up in school so she came more often, about 3 times a week. After I told her to fuck off and get out of my life cause I knew she was telling the judge lies and things I never said she recommended me to a therapist.

    The therapy was supposed to help me "connect" with my father more. Fuck that. It didn't work at all, all therapy really did for me was take up time I could have used to be doin' other shit. Finally my mother pulled me out cause she knew it wasn't helping me and she didn't want to keep payin the expensive ass bill(father has all the money never paid for shit except for himself, single mom with 3 kids, if it wasn't for child support I would've gone hungry) So yea, therapy didn't help me at all.

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