Have anti-cannibis compnies lost an industry chance?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by WeekendToker, May 31, 2009.

  1. Many of us know that companies that stand to lose profit from the legalization, sponsor anti-drug propaganda. Even drug companies, sponsor anti-drug commercials.

    My question is, that if cannabis became legal, would these companies have ruined their image or ability, to adapt and make money off cannabis?

    Or will the simply, turn their already two faced head, flip flop and act like nothing ever happened, to make more cash of a new product?

    Or perhaps they will keep trying to lobby for prohibition?


    My personal thoughts,(In a world where cannabis has just been legalized) they would lobby to place strangle hold on the fledgling legal cannabis industry, trying to effectively stomp it down, then if they succeed, new cannabis companies, now dying from the strangle will be cheaply bought up, by big companies who can either deal with the strangles they put in place or remove then, after getting their own sectors up and running.

    (I realize I'm sound like a conspiracy theorist :/ )
  2. I am pretty active in legalization activism and I couldn't name a single company that actively donates money to spread propaganda. So no, no one would know or care.
  3. I hear about this all the time..

    And to the OP, they would no doubt start growing medicinal cannabis.
  4. I mean ya no doubt the big pharma companies are doing the evil shit they do best, but is there anyone in the world who doesn't already hate them?

    I could see them selling THC based products like putting it in cough medicine and the like, things they have hold copyrights too.

  5. Drug-free america sponsored by tobacco and pharm.
  6. Anheiser busch sponsors d.a.r.e.

  7. ??? I seriously hope your joking, otherwise you have got your facts ass backwards
  8. That's a good question. I wonder who would jump on the weed train if it were legalized and who would keep feeding the propaganda (since I figure it's not going to stop either way).
  9. You mean like the way Americans currently shun sports figures who've cheated by taking steroids? ;)

    No. Almost no one cares anymore what anyone did yesterday unless they're running for office.

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