Have an extra $300 - $400 to spend. Help me decide?

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  1. So I have some extra cash and I was hoping you guys would help me decide on my next investment. I want something that will be a worthwhile investment such as a really nice glass on glass bong, one of those crazy pieces they have like Incredibowl or something equivalent, or a vaporizor (i'd be willing to throw down an extra hundred or two as long as there is a convincing argument w/ facts).

    Basically - what would be number one on your shopping list if you had some extra cash to spend?
  2. What pieces do you have right now? What type of nug are you smoking?
  3. Take a trip to your local head shop and just browse until the right piece catches your eye. You have to let the piece find you. Thats what I did.
    Best of luck bro and happy blazing.:smoking:
  4. Right now I have a few spoons, a mini-bong (pretty much like a bubbler), and a good size glass bong (just like 70 bucks, solid glass non-see through, rhasta colors, not glass on glass).

    Also, I smoke the dankest shit i can get my hands on haha never have to deal with kb or mids
  5. hey I wont do the research for you but VAPORIZING will save you money and is a worth while investment. Not only will it save your lungs and health but also you need a lot less to get to the same place. Plus if you miss your bong just attach the vape to the bong thats what I do and it gives you fat mind tingling hits.
  6. Fate takes too long I'm going hunting haha
  7. Why do you want another one? Because you have extra money? Does this money need to be spent on pieces/weed?

    I bet your bong hits pretty nice, so why is there a need to buy another piece?
  8. Well I have extra cash to blow and I've always wanted a solid bong i can keep adding on to - like get a few ash catchers, a new bowl here and there, ect.

    Or I've also been wanting to get into vaporizing but don't know much about figuring out what reviews are legit so i don't want to get ripped off and get tricked into buying a shitty vaporizor that's really expensive.
  9. you can buy one of the mini toros off fmg if you need to buy it online they have
    they are all in your price range aswell.

    mini 8arm
    stemless disk with glycerine
    glycerine straight
  10. get some bud,and idk what kind of peice u like smoking out of the most but if its a spoon just get a really nice spoon or bong or whatever u want. mabye get a roor or a toro?
  11. get a volcano vap, the greatest thing ever invented
  12. You cannot go wrong with any one of these vaporizers: Vaporbros, Purpledays, Da Buddah, the extreme, the volcano.

    They are all around the same price except for the volcano, which is a lot more. Go to Fuck Combustion - Vaporizer Forum if you want to read actual reviews of the vaporizers.
  13. I'd get a volcano or a really heady bub / tube. Some glass stores near me have the SICKEST inline and stemless bongs for $300-400, ahh I wish I could go with you to them I guarantee you'd cop one lol.
  14. Toalex89: You mixed up the stemless disc and the straight.

    Op: I'd go with a Luke Wilson bub, a RooЯ, US Tubes, or a Wicked Sands piece. They're all high end and could easily be upgraded with ashcathcers, heady GonG slides, etc.
  15. Buy a Da Buddha vaporizer, or the SSV if you like the look to that better (both perform almost equally), and hook it up to a bong or just use the hose. The taste is much better than smoke and it will save your lungs! You won't have a persistent cough anymore and you won't cough up tar and shit. You'll save hundreds on the weed saved which could help you buy more pieces.

    Did I mention the taste? Ah, nothing is as pure and satisfying.
  16. I'd take the taste from a clean tube over a vaporizer any day... and the high is so different between the two. Imo a vaporizer simply doesn't cut it for daily use especially for people who enjoy a good smoke. Besides, when did the OP said he had a persistent cough or coughed up tar? I don't know what you're smoking but well grown, organic cannabis doesn't cause any of that.

  17. haha copy pasted to quickly :p
  18. I've got a hotbox vap. its probably not the nicest vap ever but it seems to work. you cant go wrong with a nice tube though. there's nothing better than rippin a bong.
  19. If you want something to last. US tube. No questions.

    If you wants all the fancy function. Get something with a nice percolator. Or add an ashcatcher to a straight tube.

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