Have alot of us been using PH Meter / Pens wrong?

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  1. With PH meter/pens i found in multiple locations that you are supposed to store them with the glass probe in a PH solution/buffer while not in use. Is this true?
  2. Yes. The pH pens need to be calibrated once in awhile with a buffer solution of 7.0, and especially when they get stuck in a drawer for a few months.

    If not you could be getting inaccurate readings.

    It's easy though - you get the 7.0 buffer solution at the hydro store. With the paperwork that came with your specific pen (or online if you've lost it) there is a specific series of button sequences you'll push while having some of the buffer solution in the end cap and you're done.

    Very easy but very important, at least once in awhile.

  3. Very cool Jerry! So I don't leave the probe submerged in ph buffer while not in use? Or i pour some in the cap? Also it states you cannot leave it submerged in Distilled or Deionized water yet you clean the probe with it? Confusing a bit when your trying to go by the book with no book. Thanks Jerry!
  4. Just leave it out and buffer it once Avery three months. Easy as that .

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  5. But it states to never let the probe dry out. Also where i live its very hot and dry. Sorry guys I've just had troubles with my last 3 crops and dont want to go through losing any more money. Thanks guys
  6. What? That's rediculouse. To much love and care at times can ruin crops. Actually that is the main way beginners lose plants. I myself know this to be true. Your pen should be fine. I don't think I know anyone that keeps it submerged.

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  7. I'd highly suggest you download the instructions online for your specific pH pen and just follow them. I've honestly never kept my pen tip submerged For storage and it was always fine.

  8. Ever thought about mixing a batch of soil and gardening organically? No, I'm not talking about so-called "organic" plastic bottles of nutrients. I'm talking rich homemade soil based on quality compost.

    Look here - Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners

    Yes, it's a little labor rounding up and mixing organic soil materials but once done now you've got it - and will no longer need to worry about checking pH. I gave away my own pH pen some years ago. Along with all my expensive nutrients.

    No more hydro store. Re-use your soil over and over again. High quality flowers. Just keep moist with tap water. It doesn't get any easier or more efficient.

    Think about it.

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  9. It depends on which particular brand of probe you buy. Regardless of what brand, you can't let the probe itself dry out or your pen is no good. Each is supposed to be calibrated to 2 points, 4.0 and 7.0, and either stored in water or KCl storage solution. I just bought a new Blue Lab pen and it has it's own special solution that you put inside the pen so you don't have to leave it sitting in something. It's all stored nice and neat and not with a jar of liquid sitting around. The last one I had had to be sitting in water when not in use. Each has it's own directions though, and will tell you what you have to do. TWW
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  10. I buy a new ph pen every grow, they are only 5 quid
  11. Wow. That is very tempting. looking into it. Thanks!
  12. Thank you Widow! I almost started to think i was crazy. lol. So is it safe to say alot of us are storing our pens improperly?
  13. I never store my pens in solution, they're at least 2 years old and have yet to give me an inaccurate reading. The pH pen I have has a bit of foam in the cap that soaks up the excess from the probe and that keeps it kinda wet between readings but my ppm pen is freeballing it, both are Bluelab by the way. You get what you pay for, if you buy a cheap pen it will crap out faster but if you spend the money up front on good pens you will have a lot less problems in the long run.
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  14. I would always use a storage solution, your probe will be more accurate and last so much longer.
    if it dries it dies.

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