Have a woody...but you also need to piss!

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  1. So you wake up in the morning and your Johnson is hard and standing at attention in your pajama pants but you have to piss worse than you thought possible...

    a) Do you sit there and hope it goes down by itself?

    b) Do you pull some trick moves so that you can take a piss while standing on your head or something and move on with your life?

    c) Do you just forget about pissing and take what you've been given and use it with whoever is laying next to you to calm it down eventually. I'm stoned and I woke up with a woody and this is how I came up with my question of the day... :smoke:
  2. get in shower

    turn shower on

    just pee freely:cool:
  3. usually if i start trying to piss the boner will go away, but piss will come out while your hard, so have a steady aim.
  4. piss in sink..........
  5. Shower is the way to go.
  6. jump in the shower and piss in the shower.
  7. you actually get a boner from the need to pee. so get in the shower and you're good to go.
  8. holy shit, im never getting in any of you guys' shower...just aim that shit bro, how can someone not know how to work your own johnson no matter the situation by the time you reach even 15. afterall that thing has been your best friend since puberty...
  9. scream at it
  10. I kind of lean forward and position it at an angle then fire.
  11. Yeah, the reason morning wood happens is because ur bladder is full and it puts pressure on ur insides which leads to a boner.
    i'd say if u have time rub it out but peeing in the toilet like a normal person won't kill you.
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    Accurate and trustworthy information good sir
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