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Have A Ton Of Weed, But No Tobacco/bong/pipe Etc.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Irishguy, May 24, 2013.

  1. Long story short, i have weed but no way to smoke it. I have some skins but i've always been told that weed won't burn in a joint and that it's just a waste to try.
    Maybe i can make a bong of some sort....

  2. Depends how fluffy the bud is. Crumbly bone dry weed will burn really quickly.
    bottle bong?
  3. You have many many options. The easiest would probably be a soda can bong. Just flatten a side of it and poke some holes in it and put the weed on it. But that is really gross and unhealthy. I'd make a grav bong. There are plenty of tutorials on the site and on youtube. They save a lot of weed and get you ripped.
  4. Dude, just get creative...

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  5. I hate it when people say joints dont burn with no tobaccco, ive smoked pure for the full 3 years ive smoked and they allways burn fine so long as it was cured and dried properly.
  6. Go buy some rolling papers. Properly rolled joints have always burned fine for me.
  7. weed wont burn in a joint? wtf? what is a joint if not weed rolled up in a paper, anything else is a cigarette or some shit rolled in a paper
  8. Gravity bong my friend, you WILL get ripped
  9. Copy/pasting my answer from one of my responses to a similar thread:
    If you ever need to make a pipe, just use an apple as a pipe.  It takes all of 2 minutes to make (if that) and works really well.  Here's how to do it:
    \n1. Find an apple. Don't get a huge Granny Smith or anything, just a normal or small sized apple.
    \n2. Wash it and dry it. Nothing spells cancer like accidentally smoking pesticides.
    \n3. Remove stem. I can usually twist it out of the apple, but if you can't then just cut it out, but DON'T cut around it too much because the top of the apple will be your bowl.
    \n4. Make a hole in the apple from the top (where the stem was) to around halfway down the apple.  I like this hole to be small-ish because I like to conserve my weed, but it can really be whatever size you want as long as you can fit your weed in without it falling in.  I usually carve the apple with either a very skinny-handled comb (the handle, not the bristles) or the bottom of a toothbrush.
    \n5. Make another hole in the side of the apple about halfway down.  Make sure that this hole intersects the first hole that you made.
    \n6. OPTIONAL: Make yet another hole on the other side of the apple that intersects the other holes.  This is your carb.  I personally don't do this because the apple clears the smoke pretty quickly, but I have friends that like it.
    \n7. Clear the holes. Make sure that there is consistent airflow from the bowl to your mouth. Carve out loose chunks and/or blow them out.
    \n8. Pack your bowl. Don't let your weed fall in, though. It's a bitch to get out.
    \n9. Light up and enjoy.
    \nHope this helps!
  10. In a pinch, bum a cigarette off someone, empt it out, fill it in w/ half weed, half tobacco.
  11. What is this talk of pure bud won't burn in a joint? Wtf man if you guys have some good bud than you should have no problem burnin up a jay. I wouldn't mix tabacco with my bud
  12. Weed does not burn in a joint. Lol. That is all I smoke and I seem to have no problem getting high.
  13. This is when spliffs are your friend!
  14. If weed won't burn in a joint why would joints even exist? 
  15. Theres always a way to smoke! [: Just use your mind and make something, so many options!
    And glue tastes like the windex you licked off that window....
    Weed does burn in a joint, for example, the hundreds of millions I've smoked to my face with no issues. 
  17. dont listen to stupid people using "skins" work much much better it holds in the flavor of weed, like all the tar n 50% precent thc mixes with the other thc and basicly every time you smoke it it litterally getsstronger and stronger because of this thats why when you smoke you cough right around 3 1/3 left because the tip of the joint has tarred up the other half n gets u really baked so f i wee you roll up man and this waistage shit isnt true what you see burning is what is left on the joint after you suck the joint if you blow the joint you will see smoke coming oout the tip its because there sis till smoke trapped in side so its not waisting, its about the same as just smoking it ina  way thats wiasting it too
  18. Sounds like me back when I wasn't old enough to buy blunts/rolling papers..(NJ law is 19 for tobacco smfh)...

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